Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

By | December 11, 2013

This is a detailed Visual Impact Muscle Building Review. This program was created by fitness expert Rusty Moore. It is a workout program for men of all ages and body types who want to build lean muscle. This program has a unique approach towards muscle building that you would want to make use of if you want to look your best after adding mass.

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Visual Impact Muscle Building Program

Visual Impact Muscle Building is a complete program for men to build muscle without fat or bulk. The program is designed to make sure that you end up looking attractive as you want after gaining muscle mass.

Many guys put on muscle and do not end up with a look that they are pleased with because they did not follow the right protocols for building an attractive body.

Certain outcomes that could prevent you from looking your best after completing a muscle building program include too much bulk in certain body parts, too much fat with the muscle and lack of proper muscle density. Visual Impact Muscle Building aims to help prevent these outcomes from happening to you when building muscle.

Rusty Moore developed this program from the knowledge he obtained from his 25 plus years working on his own body, working with clients and consulting with other experts and professionals in different fields. He even consulted with a few scientists to create this program and make sure that the methods are scientifically proven.

The Main Issue Addressed By Visual Impact Muscle Building

Following the established bodybuilding nutrition and training principles will help you build muscle. But, if you are using the common bodybuilding approach to get a muscular body, from the beginning of your program you’ll be geared towards adding muscle like a bodybuilder.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll get a big, bulky muscular physique like a bodybuilder easily and quickly. But the type of training would create muscle distribution like a bodybuilder’s physique even before you gain a large amount of muscle. For example, your initial gains may end up in body parts where you do not need a lot of muscles such as your butt, hips and thighs.

A beginner bodybuilder may not have a problem with this outcome because they are aiming to gain as much muscle as possible wherever it ends up. But what if you don’t have any desire to add a lot of muscles on your body, but rather just want to gain a moderate amount of muscles to improve the look of your body? If so, it’s important to target the specific muscle groups where you want your gains to end up to create the precise look that you are after.

There are not many muscle building programs around that are strategically designed for building muscle while improving physical attractiveness. But if you want a program like this, because enhancing your appearance is your primary goal for building muscle, then one of the best guides for this purpose is the Visual Impact Muscle Building program.

The Concept Of Visual Impact Muscle Building

Rusty Moore is a fitness expert with over 25 years experience in fitness training. He has a lot of knowledge and understanding about the various elements of building muscle. His Visual Impact Muscle Building Program is aimed at helping men build muscle and make sure that they end up with a body that looks attractive to them and other people.

The guide is structured with sound information and guidelines that will allow you to add lean muscle while maximizing aestheticism for your body, and from the beginning stage of your training, minimize the outcomes that could ruin the look of your body.

The program consists of the right methods and strategies to add muscle in specific areas, make a muscle group dense without making it bigger and gaining lean muscle without fat. Paying attention to all these elements would surely create an attractive body.

But make no mistake, Visual Impact Muscle Building is also designed for fast muscle growth. Although the program is more focused on adding an average amount of muscle in the best way to look good on your body, it doesn’t compromise building muscle at an optimum rate.

The Structure Of The Workout Program

The full workout program of Visual Impact Muscle Building is structured to run up to 6 months and it’s divided into 3 phases (2 months for each phase). You’ll be training slightly differently in each phase to get a different impact on the muscle. The program uses the two different muscle growths (sarcoplasmic hypertrophy and myofibrillar hypertrophy) in a strategic way to get the desired muscle building results that will reduce outcomes you do not want such as soft, bloated muscle.

Here’s a breakdown of the workout program:

Phase I: You’ll be training to gain muscle fast by using a rep and set scheme for cumulative fatigue and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.

Phase II: The rep and set scheme in this phase are designed to harden up the muscle gained in phase I while continuing to increase muscle mass at a reduced rate. The training in this phase causes more myofibrillar hypertrophy than the first phase.

Phase III: In this phase, you’ll be training for strictly increasing density of the muscle that you gained in the previous phases. You will be doing sets in the 2-4 rep range with long rest periods in between sets. There will also be a focus on HIIT to lose any excess body fat to get really lean.

Bonus Phase: The bonus phase is a strategy used after a period of time in Phase III to get your skin to wrap tight around the muscles for maximum definition. This look is called “Shrink Wrap Effect”

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Customize The Program To Fit Your Goals and Body

Though you’ll have an outlined program to work with, the Visual Impact Muscle Building diet and workout can be customized as you want to create an optimal program for you in accordance with your goals and circumstances. You can start the program in any phase that you think is most suitable for you.

Rusty guides you on tweaking the program to best suit your body and circumstances. You’ll be able to customize the program to shorten or lengthen the duration, fit your time schedule, workout at home with limited equipment and more. So there is no reason to worry if this program will work for you. It can easily be customized.

The Contents

My Visual Impact Muscle Building review cannot be complete without me explaining what you get after purchasing the product.

The product is a downloadable package that includes 3 main e-books in pdf file format that you can read with Adobe acrobat on a Mac or PC. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get instant access to download the e-book to your computer. You’ll get free access to Rusty’s regularly updated newsletter, reliable customer support and specials on future offers. This program is not available in stores or on any other website except the Visual Impact Official website.

The Credibility of Rusty Moore And Visual Impact Muscle Building

Now to conclude the Visual Impact Muscle Building review, let me talk more about Rusty Moore, the person behind the program. He has a good level of visibility and credibility online. Rusty runs his own blog, he writes for other websites and he communicates with his customers and followers via social networking websites and email on a regular basis. There are no negative reports about Rusty Moore or his products. I can assure you as a customer myself, this program works and it delivers good results.

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