Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Cardio Program Review

By | August 28, 2014

 visual impact cardio reviewThe Visual Impact Cardio Program is another one of the unique programs produced by fitness expert Rusty Moore. In this review, we’ll look at the benefits of Visual Impact Cardio as well as the downsides of the program. You’ll then be able to know if this guide is something that’ll be useful to help you reach your fat loss goals.

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If you look around, you’ll see many cardio workout programs on the market. But many of them are generalized and focused only on the fundamental elements of cardio training such as intensity, duration and frequency.

Rusty Moore’s cardio program is designed with innovative strategies to not only burn fat effectively, but also deals with the specific characteristics of stubborn body fat which could respond differently to fat loss efforts than regular body fat. The program also doesn’t ride the interval training bandwagon as the only cardio method that works effectively.

Visual Impact Cardio Review – What Is It?

A digital product comprising of downloadable ebooks, Visual Impact Cardio is basically described as a “progressive cardio system” that leads to steady fat loss with minimal sticking points. It includes a strategic workout program that combines steady state and interval cardio, plus it contains deep information on various topics on fat loss. Rusty didn’t just want users to have a workout routine to follow, he also wants persons who went through the course to master the art of losing body fat.

Visual Impact Cardio Workout Program

The workout program is made up of three Complete 8-Week Workout Cycles that will take you from where you are now all the way to your ideal body fat percentage. The cardio workout routines are designed to be very effective. They are called “cycles”, because they last 8 weeks and progress from low intensity to pushing your body to the limits in the final 3-4 weeks.

Some people will hit their fat loss goals after 8 weeks. Other people will simply repeat the cycle 1-2 more times until they hit their fat loss goals.

The Visual Impact Cardio training method involves both steady state cardio and interval training in the workout aimed at helping you get the best fat loss results including losing the last 10-20 pounds of stubborn body fat.

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The Educational Benefits

As I said Visual Impact Cardio is not just a routine that tells you what exercises to do, when and how to perform them. That it does well, but you may also appreciate the educational information that Rusty Moore provides in the course in order to educate you so that you can understand the methodology of the program. This will, in turn, allow you to be in control of the program and even help others with their fat loss goals.

The first 11 chapters in the main ebook are dedicated to explaining fat loss and cardio training, and the next four are the actual training plans for you to follow. Here are some of the main topics that you’ll be educated on.

  • The difference in characteristics between stubborn body fat and regular body fat.
  • The right approach to overcoming stubborn body fat
  • The real truth about steady state cardio vs interval training.
  • Information insulin
  • Separating resistance training and cardio training in your workout program
  • Focusing on a weekly calorie deficit not daily calorie deficit
  • And much more

Visual Impact Cardio Review – The Cons

  • The book is very in-depth (you might need to re-read it a month after reading it the first time)
  • You will need access to cardio machines to get the most out of this course.
  • You’ll need a training journal (diary) as you’ll be dealing with “precise intensity levels” that can’t be memorised.

The Review Conclusion

If you’ve used any of Rusty Moore’s other programs, you’ll have nothing but good expectations of Visual Impact Cardio, because Rusty has proved himself to be a true avid fitness expert that does a lot of serious research to create his programs. The reviews of Rusty other programs reveals customer satisfaction.

The fact that Rusty invests all of his time into each of his products, really shows in this book. If you happen to reach a fat loss sticking point, want to burn off body fat quickly or any other fat loss goal you think is difficult to achieve, then allow Visual Impact Cardio to provide you with up-to-date guidelines, diet advice and workout plans to make you to become a master at burning body fat and keeping the fat off.

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