The Venus Factor Review

By | September 24, 2014

This review is an assessment of the product called “Venus Factor” which is created by well-known fitness expert John Barban. It is a fitness program specifically designed for women of all ages to get in good shape by losing fat and preserving lean muscle.

But although the program is based on fat loss and strength training, it has advanced features to make it more effective and do much more for the user. The program includes unique and science-based strategies for any woman to optimize body composition, and also get that magical feminine shape that boost self-confidence and turn heads.

This female fitness program is specially designed for women who want a body transformation that involves more than just losing weight or toning muscle. The program utilizes methods to allow you to get the Venus Index’s ideal body shape.

Do you want to develop an hourglass figure while getting rid of excess fat and toning muscle? Then this program is definitely one of your best choice. It is designed to improve your body composition as efficiently as possible by using methods that target women’s specific physiological make-up to burn fat without fail any time you follow the program. And it also will help you get the most attractive female body that you can naturally get by optimizing your venus index.

Venus Factor Key Product Details

The Venus Factor Video

The Venus Factor Video

Venus Factor is a is a body transformation program for women only. It is specially tailored to work for the female body. John Barban who is a fitness veteran and certified expert came to understand that the approach used by many trainers to get their clients in shape does not always work, because men and women are physiologically different.

The female body is designed to work differently to men, and holds true also to fat storage, fat loss and body composition. Women’s bodies tend to store fat in a way that would cater for pregnancy such as the belly, thighs, hips and butt which is not the same for men. Therefore, it’s absolutely crucial you make it a priority to have a workout and diet plan that is structured in a way that addresses your female body.

Besides having a program that works best to burn fat and improve body composition, it’ll also be beneficial if the program also targets giving you your best shape based on your current body proportions.

Most fitness programs, even those created specifically for women, don’t address the real issue of shaping your female body. They are either based only on diet and exercise to lose fat and tone. This is very good, but it’s a big plus when you have a program that can also help you get your best natural attractive shape.

According to the Venus Factor, they want you to get that magical feminine shape. The purpose is to get that hourglass figure. Venus Factor System provides a step by step guide with the right information on everything from exercise, to diet and mindset for your body transformation success that you can keep for life.

Workout Routine

The workout routine of the Venus system is structured in a way that will appeal to many people. It is a 12 week workout program that is divided into 3 phases and each phase is 4 weeks long. Workouts can be done 3 times a week. This makes it possible to jump in the appropriate phase of the program based on your needs and goals if you don’t need the full 12 weeks. It comprises of instructional exercise videos for the complete 12 week that can be done at home or the gym.

The rep range for VenusFactor is between 10-12 reps, so it does focus on building muscle while burning fat. All workouts are done in a circuit manner with a 60 second rest between exercises. These workouts can be done at home with minimal training equipment.

Diet Plan

There is a dieting plan included in the program. The package includes an app that allows you to calculate daily calories and macronutrients requirement that will help you attain your individual goals. And the weight loss diet is not is not based on strict food restrictions to make you feel uncomfortable.

Venus Factor Package

Here are what you get for the Standard Package

  • Primary diet and fat loss manual
  • The 12 week exercise program – includes instructional exercise videos 
  • The Venus Factor digital nutritionist – an app that calculates the exact calorie and macronutrient requirements
  • The actual Venus Community – a private online community for Venus Factor members only.
  • The Venus Catalogue Podcast – Venus members tell their body transformation success stories
The Venus Factor Workout And Diet Package

The Venus Factor Workout And Diet Package

Venus Factor Review Conclusion

Venus Factor is a fitness and body re-shaping program designed to address specific body characteristics of a woman that are physiologically different to men. It takes into account a lot of what most fitness programs do not pay attention to: the different physical compositions and metabolic factors that are different in men and women. It’s aim is to help you improve body composition (burn fat and improve muscle) in the most effective way. At the same time, it focuses on methods that would produce the most attractive feminine shape that you could naturally get. Many women could be unsuccessful in getting their shapes and curves back, unless they use the right approach that is effective enough to deal with the challenges and difficulties that women alone face for weight loss and fitness.

Although this program is based on science-backed, cutting-edge methods it doesn’t bring a lot of technical information that’s hard to understand. It is a simple program to follow, the terms used are easy to understand. It is a program that is easy to follow by yourself in the comfort of your own home without a trainer or instructor.

Thousands of women around the world have benefited from this program, and many of the feedback are claiming real pleasing results. Upon your purchase you’ll also be getting access to the online community of Venus factor users who are on the same journey. You’ll benefit from the experiences, tricks and tips that they share. These people are a great source of support and inspiration. You will find comfort in knowing that you are not alone, that there are people who faced the same problems you face and have managed to overcome them.

The program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. So if you are not happy with the results, you get all your money back guaranteed.

Our Final Recommendation Is To Go Ahead And Get Venus Factor

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