Unlock Your Glutes Review

By | June 8, 2018

unlock your glutes review

Unlock Your Glutes gives you training techniques that will help you get firmer, rounder and more powerful glutes. Your glutes are your body’s most powerful muscles, and when you know how to train them correctly, you will get a nicer butt shape, develop greater strength, and maintain long-term health.

According to the creator of the program Brian Klepacki, if your glutes are weak you’ll never get a great butt. When your glutes lose strength, it affects your whole body, including injuries, poor posture, back and knee pain, and muscle imbalances. Another problem is most butt training advice that is available online are based on old research and training principles that you may try and get no results.

This glute training guide is based on the latest science and real-world experience. You will learn the different exercise strategies that work best to develop the glutes. You will learn glute-specific training to activate these muscles and unlock their power. When you order the program, you’ll get instant access to a full manual and coaching videos for you to follow and get the results you want. Inside, you will learn interesting facts about the functional movement for glutes development and what it really takes to get a rounder, firmer butt.

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What is the Unlock Your Glutes Program?

This guide does exactly what the name says. It’s a unique program that will teach you everything you should know about training your glutes to get a stronger, rounder, more developed butt. It’s intended to expose all the myths and misconceptions about growing your glutes while providing you with a blueprint that is proven to significantly develop these muscles.

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The program shares exactly what exercises and workouts that work, including detailed, highly specific breakdowns and pictures of each exercise. Each module is easy to navigate, allowing you to work through the program with ease.

For people who are stuck on squats and lunges trying to develop your butt size and shape, this program is certainly for you. Many people are misinformed about the right way to build strong glutes. Most advice for getting a nicer butt would tell you to just do lots of squats and lunges. But there is more you need to do to actually get results. When you begin to learn what it is you should and shouldn’t to unlock your glutes, you will be on the path to a strong, round, healthy behind.

There are 3 main factors that make Unlock Your Glutes different than other glutes training programs:

1. Glute-specific training – Many programs get it wrong because they don’t include the right training that properly works the glute muscles in the way they need to grow. There are three planes of motion glute muscles need to experience to grow – vertical, horizontal and rotational. Most people do squats and deadlifts which are vertical movements. To fully develop your glutes, your training needs to focus on glute-specific movements and targeting all three muscles, with all three exercise strategies in all three planes of motion. You still need to do lateral movements and twisting movements.

2. Short 15 minute workouts with both gym and bodyweight options – You can get an extremely effective workout for one muscle group in as little as 15-minutes since you’re targeting a specific area. Exceeding 15-minutes for your glute workout may actually be counter-productive. Also, the program includes bodyweight exercises for persons who don’t have time for the gym or have a gym membership. While a gym membership is great if you don’t have access to a gym you can still develop your glutes with the effective bodyweight exercises available in the program at home.

3. Re-activate the glutes – Sitting can cause your glutes to stop firing as they should, a condition known as Dead butt syndrome or gluteal amnesia. You can notice this issue when you sit for too long and get a numb butt. The Unlock Your Glutes program fixes this issue by using a two-step protocol that involves dealing with tight hip flexors first and then re-activating the glutes.

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About The Creator

brian klepacki working out

Brian Klepacki is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. He is the owner and Head Coach of Optimax Performance Training, and Resident Strength Coach for Critical Bench.

Brian has earned his Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from FAU. He also holds many highly recognized certifications that contribute to his wealth of knowledge about all things related to exercise, nutrition and health.

Brian has learned over the course of 15 years through experience and education that for anyone to achieve max performance a multitude of training regimes, including proper nutrition, must be properly implemented to effectively stimulate all the systems of the body.

What’s Included In Unlock Your Glutes?

The program comes with 2 main components that are all digital and can be accessed instantly after you purchase: the Unlock Your Glutes Manual and the Coaching Videos.

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Unlock Your Glutes Manual: Within the pages of this eBook, you’ll get to learn in details about everything the program focuses on. Brian Klepacki exposes all the myths and misconceptions about growing your glutes. You’ll learn exactly why the glutes are so important to your health and how to get the best looking and performing rear end around. Brian shares exactly what works, including detailed, highly specific breakdowns and pictures of each exercise. There’ll be no doubt in your mind what you need to do and when. The information in this book is based on the latest science and his experience working with elite athletes.

The Complete Coaching Videos: This is the Bodyweight Edition and Gym Edition of the program videos that will demonstrate how to perform the movements and follow the training. You’ll get 36 videos showing you the exercises you have to do, with exact form and movement pattern. These are all high definition videos filmed at Brian’s own state-of-the-art training facility. You benefit from both the Bodyweight Edition designed for use at home or even on the road. The Gym Edition shows you how to use equipment in your local gym or a home gym to add resistance and accelerate results.

You will get additional value from the program with the amazing bonuses:

Strong Legs Workout – These are legs exercise replacements for squats and lunges that are designed to complement the glutes workouts.
14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan – This is a nutrition plan is designed to kickstart fat loss to give you better definition while fueling your glute growth.

The program begins with a quick introduction, focusing on explaining everything you can learn about developing your glutes and glutes training. Of course, if you want to get to the practical steps right away, you can dive into the workout stuff.

Is Unlock Your Glutes Worth It?

Although the program is great you do not need to get this if you are already doing something that’s working for. Honestly, the program is not a magic formula for getting a nicer butt. Just like achieving anything else that relates to fitness you have to put in the effort and work to get results. However, anybody who is interesting in achieving a more well-developed butt can benefit from this glutes training guide. It is a well-structured program that is based on the latest research, and it is designed by a top professional that is specialized in glutes training.

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The program is not based on myths and unverified ideas like many of the information online about glutes training or improving your butt shape. I’m sure if you search anywhere online for how to grow glutes or how to get a bigger butt the most common answer you will get is “just do lots of squats”. But we have already learned that this approach is not optimal. This is why it makes sense to use a program that is based on the latest research and strategies that will make you target your glute development in a whole new light.

When you invest in this information product, you are making a good investment into something that will not just guide you to get a developed butt but also enhance other aspects of your life.

Some of the key benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital instant access to the program — You will have access to all of the program content online including the manual and coaching videos. This gives you quick instant access to start learning and implementing the information.
  • The program is well-organized – You will be able to follow the information with ease. You will have Brian coaching you all the way so that you can confidently follow the program.
  • There is no risk to you – The program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. That’s how confident Brian is about his program. He truly wants to help you unlock your glutes.


If you are ready to take your glutes training to the next level, this program is for you. With this guide you will learn all the truths and techniques there is to know regarding training the glutes for activation and growth. The Unlock Your Glutes program will be the right program to follow to get the results you want.

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