Top Program For Men To Build Lean Muscle And Sculpt An Attractive Physique

By | November 7, 2013

There are many men out there who would find the muscle building program that I’m about to review very appealing because it is geared towards men who want that moderately muscular, lean and cut look. The program is called Visual Impact Muscle Building (VIMB)

VIMB is created with a strategic approach to help men build lean muscle without fat as well as optimize the impact a moderate amount of lean gains will have on your appearance.

It is known that many people do not want to gain massive amounts of muscle when aiming to add mass on their body. Not only because building muscle is hard work and becomes harder after the beginner gains is over, but mainly because they find a small to moderate amount of muscle gains will be ideal to give them the look they want.

Why VIMB will help you put on a few pounds of lean muscle and make it look impressive?

VIMB is created by fitness professional Rusty Moore. It is a workout and nutrition program that is primarily aimed at building lean muscle without fat. but there is also a fat loss phase in the program for getting lean and ripped. The program is designed with 3 phases that run up to 6 months total (2 months for each phase). Each phase has a slightly different impact on the muscle.

List of a few highlights of the program

1. The author provides a lot of valuable information before the actual step-by-step nutrition and training program begins. These information about building muscle is much different from what you’ll get from mainstream bodybuilding.

2. Rusty Moore’s recommendations for building muscle is about controlling muscle growth to make sure your gains are properly balance as well as aiming for ultra leanness and muscle density to maximize definition. He don’t believe in aimlessly adding as much muscle as possible to every part of the body. He recommends lifting in a way that adds muscle where you want it. And the muscle should be fat-free as much as possible.

3. The program shows you how to control your workout to add size to selective body parts that are lagging and avoid over-growing the body parts that have a higher responsiveness to the big lifts. Some people may find some of their body parts increase in size faster than others when using the big compound lifts, so they may have to use these exercises with proper control to ensure a balance development of their physique.

4. The program shows you how to add density to muscle groups that are lacking definition without increasing the size of the muscle if you don’t want to. Rusty Moore explains how to take advantage of the the 2 different muscle growths to optimize the density of muscles without making the muscle grow bigger.

There are a whole lot more good stuffs to get from the program that isn’t mentioned here. I think that you’ll appreciate the way Rusty Moore takes you through the program step-by-step to learn the principles and the take action you need to build a lean muscular physique that will look attractive.

The only thing the program doesn’t have in my opinion is a full explanation of the muscle building basics for complete beginners. But it does have lots of basic information that would allow most newbies to get started and know what they are doing very well.

The program also comes with a 227 page exercise guide that shows and demonstrate how to perform tons of muscle building exercises with fully colored pictures.