The Best Way To Get Lean Fast

By | January 22, 2014

Lean Body MaleBecause people are faced with different circumstances and have different goals, there is no one best way to get lean fast. The best approach that you can use to cut up fat at the maximum rate is one that fits your circumstances and goals.

Some people are not really overweight or unfit but they just want to get down to a lower body fat percentage to look sculpted and defined. And on the hand there are some people who really have a great deal of body fat to lose. Persons who are in the two different situations will need to use different approaches to get lean fast.

The Best Workout To Get Lean Fast

For someone with a good level of fitness, such as someone who started out lean and completed a bulking phase and now want to get cut fast, the most effective fat loss workout you can do is sprint interval training. Sprint interval cardio with it’s super high intensity is superior to aerobic exercise for losing body fat research has shown.
Sprinting is an explosive exercise and works the body hard to expend calories at a maximum rate during the workout.

But you must do sprints with the right interval training protocols to get optimum results. This will be a form of high intensity interval training. You will alternate sprinting with a less intense form of exercise such as jogging or walking in order to get recovery. The huge benefit of HIIT is it allows you to exercise at very HIGH intensities for a much longer period of time than steady state cardio, so you burn more fat.

sprinting-workoutWith steady state cardio the intensity is lower so you can train for longer duration, but the total fat burn will be much lower. For example, the total number of calories you’ll burn from 30 minutes of sprints interval training may be up to 3 times the amount from steady state cardio such as jogging done in the same duration.

Weight Training And Diet Tips To Get Lean fat

You’ll also want to continue strength training during that period to increase fat burning results and maintain muscle mass. Your diet should not be too low in calories, but it must be in a deficit. Because people with lower body fat levels tend to lose muscle when their calorie intake is too low, I recommend a deficit of 15-20% below maintenance if you are not really fat.

The fatter you are, the lower you can go with your calorie intake. Research has shown that people with high levels of body fat tend to lose fat from low calorie diets with less consequences than people who are at a low level of body fat.

The Best Way To Get Lean Fast Without Sprints

As for people who are not fit enough to do sprints, or people who are at a high body fat level (extremely overweight or obese) you can opt for a lower intensity cardio workout that you can handle to lose fat, but try to keep it as intense as possible. For example, if you choose walking, try to walk as fast as possible. You should also try to include some strength training in your workout to help accelerate fat loss, maintain and build muscle.

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