Taylor Lautner Muscle Gain And Body Transformation For The Twilight Saga New Moon

By | December 11, 2013

Taylor Lautner Ripped And MuscularAnother one of Hollywood’s most talked about fitness achievements of all time is Taylor Lautner’e body transformation for The Twighlight Saga. He gained muscle and dramatically transformed his look for the series just in time to film New Moon and he was just 17 years old at the time.

Although his primary reason for building muscle was because it was a necessity for the character Jacob Black, Taylor Lautner benefited from the successful muscle gains in other ways.

The muscle building success gave Taylor Lautner a strong, mature muscular appearance for a young guy that he still has up to this day. And I believe his muscular build also benefited him for his other movie projects outside of The Twighlight Saga such as Abduction, Grown Ups 2 and Tracers.

How Did Taylor Lautner Build Muscle For New Moon?

Before gaining muscle mass and getting in shape for New Moon, Taylor Lautner was a very skinny kid. If you look at Taylor Lautner photos before he put the muscle on you’ll see that he is clearly an Ectomorph body type. And because his body type was a somewhat physical shortcoming to gaining muscle, Lautner worked extremely hard and dedicated himself to following the strategic workout and diet program designed by his personal trainer Jordan Yuam.

Taylor Lautner Before Gaining MuscleTaylor lautner Workout And Diet To Build Muscle

Jordan Yuam knew exactly how to structure the actor’s workout program to be optimal for his body type and goals. Taylor Lautner had only about a year to get in the required shape to play Jacob Black in New Moon and his goal was to gain about 30 pounds of muscle. Yuam structured Taylor Lautner’s workout and diet based on a number of principles that were very important for a hardgainer to adhere for reaching muscle building success.

By properly following all the principles that Yuam presented to him ,Taylor eventually accomplished his goal. He gained around 30 lbs of muscle in approximately 9 months. His body transformation was astonishing, and most fitness experts agree that the gains were all natural. Taylor Lautner’s six pack abs were easily obtained because he did not have excess fat covering his abs.  And his abdominal muscle were already developed to an extent from his experience in martial arts training.