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Consume Less Sugar By Sleeping More

You already know a good night’s sleep is incredibly important for your health. But if you are trying to lose weight and you are struggling specifically with sugar cravings, this is another good reason to up your sleep quantity. Results from a study done by King’s College London show getting a bit more sleep can… Read More »

How To Lose Fat Like Jennifer Hudson And Get A Lean Body

One of the most talked about celebrity weight loss accomplishments is that of singer and actress Jennifer Hudson. The singer lost 80 pounds from a visibly overweight body that transformed her appearance into a lean toned physique that looks absolutely stunning. And the weight loss achievement also seemed to transform her career. Are you overweight and… Read More »

Understanding Calories For Building Muscle And Losing Fat

Whenever the subject “building muscle and losing fat” comes up anywhere the term “calories” must come up as well. Calorie intake is one of the most important factors that affect both building muscle and losing fat. You need more of it in your body to gain muscle mass and less of it to lose fat. If you… Read More »