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5 Ways To Create A Calorie Deficit To Lose Fat

The main way to get lean for a sculpted physique is losing body fat without losing lean muscle mass. A caloric deficit is the most important factor for reducing body fat. It means creating a negative energy balance by expending more calories than you are putting in. If you do the calculation to find your… Read More »

Cardio Training Fundamentals For Beginners

Nutrition is the most important component for losing fat, but having a good exercise program in place consisting of cardio training combined with resistance training will accelerate your fat loss results and provide some health and fitness benefits for your body. When it comes to losing fat, as a beginner, assessing and modifying your calorie… Read More »

Confused By Conflicting Diet And Workout Information? You Do Not Have To

If you’ve been researching information on diets and workouts for fat loss and muscle building for any period of time you may have noticed that there are lots of disagreements and debates regarding information about nutrition and training. Many experts, trainers, writers and bloggers in the health and fitness community all have their own advice and… Read More »