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You Can’t Under-Exercise a Good Diet?

Is the title of this post confusing? I was trying to come up with an opposite to this common phrase: “You can’t out-exercise a bad diet”. I get the idea behind the saying. But,  I think this phrase is thrown around too much. I also think a lot of people use this as an excuse… Read More »

The Best Exercise Plan To Lose Fat And Get All The Additional Benefits

If you know the fundamentals of how to lose fat you’ll know that a caloric deficit is that crucial thing that leads to fat loss. And you’ll also know that achieving a caloric deficit can be done by consuming less calories in your diet as well as exercising to burn off calories in your body.… Read More »

How To Lose Fat Like Jennifer Hudson And Get A Lean Body

One of the most talked about celebrity weight loss accomplishments is that of singer and actress Jennifer Hudson. The singer lost 80 pounds from a visibly overweight body that transformed her appearance into a lean toned physique that looks absolutely stunning. And the weight loss achievement also seemed to transform her career. Are you overweight and… Read More »