Rusty Moore’s New Workout Program To Gain Strength And Maximize Muscle Tone

By | October 15, 2014

Rusty Moore’s new workout program is now officially launched, and it’s being offered at a nice discount price for a very limited time. This is a program that goes against one of the traditional rules of weight training: “don’t train the same muscle everyday”, but in a safe and strategic way that would produce nothing but phenomenal results for your strength levels, muscle definition and fat loss.

Visual Impact Frequency Training eBook

This new, highly anticipated program by Rusty Moore is called Visual Impact Frequency Training. And as the name indicates, it is based on working the same muscle group frequently (everyday) with low volume. This is not a program for gaining muscle size, but this training method will dramatically increase your strength levels and firm up your physique like you’ve never experienced.

Who Is Rusty Moore?

rusty moore

rusty moore

He is well-known in the online fitness world, but for the people who don’t know Rusty Moore, he is one of the top fitness professionals online. Rusty is best known for his brand of fitness programs that are all very unique when it comes to the methods they use for losing fat, building muscle and getting in shape.

Rusty already has 3 very successful and highly praised fitness programs under his belt. He has Visual Impact Muscle Building (for men), Visual Impact For Women and Visual Impact Cardio. These programs have been used by tens of thousands of people around the world to get in shape, and received rave reviews from users as well as other experts in the online fitness community.

Rusty Moore’s New Workout Program

Rusty’s new program Visual Impact Frequency Training is a “low volume high frequency” workout. This a workout aimed at rapidly adding density and definition to your physique by utilizing a full body routine, up to 6 times per week. And it can be used by men and women.

If you’ve always think that muscle tone is only a matter of gaining muscle and losing fat, you’ll need to see how this program works. It will not increase your muscle size, but your muscle tone will upgrade in a great way.

Here are the main pointers of this innovative training method.

  • Training the same muscle groups every day.
  • Lifting low volume and hitting the entire body each day.
  •  Maxing out or close to maxing out on each lift
  • Training 5-6 days per week like this.

As I said the program has recently been launched on Monday 20th October. And it’s being offered at a discount for a very limited time. So if you want to try this program and see4 how it works, now is the best time to get it on the official website. 

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