Rachel Frederickson From The Biggest Loser Regained Some Weight And Defended Her Weight Loss

By | March 6, 2014

Rachel-Frederickson-Thin-FigureThe Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson regained some weight and defended her controversial weight loss, according to reports from the Dailymail. Weeks after 24 -year-old Frederickson won the The Biggest Loser and received the $25,000.00 price, she appeared on the Today show to do an interview and displayed a fuller, healthier look.

Rachel Frederickson and The Biggest Loser got some negative backlash from the show’s fans after Frederickson’s drastic weight loss accomplishment that made her look very thin. She went from 260 pounds at the beginning to 105 pounds at her final weigh-in on the show, losing 60 percent of her total body weight weight.

Although this was a big victory for Miss Frederickson, the response from The Biggest Loser viewers online was not all complimentary. Those criticising said that she was looking too thin, frail and anorexic. They questioned the show’s safety and health policies for the contestants.

Biggest Loser Weight WeightlossIn the interview with Today Show, Frederickson admits that she understood why people might have been worried. But she defended her weight loss and The Biggest Loser, saying that the measures she used to lose the weight were healthy, and she felt proud.

What Is Healthy Weight Loss?

It’s debatable if The Biggest Loser’s weight loss methods are healthy because the contestants on the show lose massive amounts of weight very fast. Health professionals have established that healthy weight loss is losing fat without losing muscle mass. But the use of certain weight loss plans that cause drastic loss of pounds could lead to muscle loss, which is an unhealthy outcome.

Not only will loss of too much muscle cause your body to look like “skin and bones” after dropping the weight, you’ll also lose out on all the other health benefits of sufficient muscle tissue including a higher resting metabolic rate. However, a factor that affects muscle loss when losing weight fast is the body fat level of the individual.

If someone is not very fat, trying to lose weight at a fast rate is likely to cause muscle loss, often due to the characteristics of the fast weight loss plan. On the other hand, overweight and obese people can lose weight at very fast rates and retain all their muscle tissue.

The problem is however, some people continue to use the same weight loss plan when their body fat level drops from overweight to normal weight. At that point you would start losing your valuable muscle.

The key is to make sure that both your diet and exercise plan includes the necessary elements to protect your muscle tissue when you are not overweight or obese and trying to lose fat.

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