Rachel Frederickson Biggest Loser Weight Loss: The Real Reason She Looks So Thin And Unhealthy?

By | February 6, 2014

photo credit: nbc biggest loser show

The Biggest Loser is a reality television show in the U.S that centers on overweight contestants attempting to lose the most weight, and the winners are rewarded with cash prizes. The show now very popular on television started airing in 2004.

Rachel Frederickson is the winner of The Biggest Loser  which is also a record-breaking victory for a contestant in the show’s history. She went from 260 pounds to 105 pounds at her final weigh-in, losing 60 percent of her weight to accomplish a dramatic body transformation. This earned her the first place cash prize of $250,000.

But the public’s reaction to Rachel Frederickson weight loss success were not all positive. Many viewers of the Biggest Loser expressed concerns about how healthy was Rachel Frederickson weight loss regime due to her very thin and frail look when she appeared on the episode that announced her as the winner. Many people were saying that she was too thin, some saying that she looked anorexic. They questioned the show’s safety and health policies for the contestants. But find out the real reason why Rachel Frederickson is looking so skinny and feeble by reading the rest of the article below.

Is Rachel Frederickson Weight Loss For The Biggest Loser Healthy?


Simply looking at Rachel Frederickson before and after pictures shows that her weight loss is indeed very drastic. But one cannot ignore the disturbing look of Rachel’s new skinny figure. Her body is clearly free from excess fat in the after photo but she is not looking as nicely toned and athletic as she should.

This is a big flaw of at least part of the approach she used which is due to, not too much weight loss per se, but too much muscle loss. Judging from her figure in the photo I don’t think that she lost too much fat, she just didn’t preserve enough muscle while losing the fat. Women can get down to as low as 8% body fat and men 2% and be healthy. But when there is a lack of muscle on a body that has a very low fat percentage it will be problematic. I think that had she simply use the right measures to lose fat without losing muscle she would’ve looked fit and healthy after dropping the pounds. 

Fat loss and weight loss are interchangeable but they are not exactly the same. While most people intend to lose fat when aiming to lose weight, it’s important to always keep in mind that an inappropriate weight loss program can erode your needed muscle during the process. If you lose a great amount of muscle by following a weight loss program that is not optimal for maintaining muscle you’ll likely look skinny and frail.

I think that this is the main problem with Rachel Frederickson weight loss. She did not use the best approach for maximum muscle maintenance while dropping the pounds. But then the Biggest Loser is a weight loss contest, so maintaining muscle would not have helped her win. Obviously muscle  also makes up body weight so she would have been heavier at her final weigh in. Body composition improvement isn’t a factor that the show look at to judge contestants. It’s all about how much weight that you can lose, and how fast you can lose it. 

Although the personal trainers that work with the contestants instruct them to lift weights during the program, they can still lose a lot of muscle if their diet plan is not well-structured at all times. 

But truth be told, I do not criticize Rachel Frederickson , atleast for taking part in the competition. She is now $250,000 richer and she is no longer obese. That’s two good goals being achieved at the same time by being a part of the show. But the Biggest Loser show undoubtedly has it’s pros and cons.

The Biggest Loser Controversy

Through the years that the show has been running many obese and extremely overweight people lost massive amounts of weight by competing. And it also has been reported that many viewers of the show became inspired by the transformations that they saw. But the show has long been subject to much controversy.

The Biggest Loser  is criticized by many experts in the health and fitness community who are not pleased with it’s measures. They criticize the show’s grueling diet and exercise regimes for extremely fast weight loss that they allow the contestants to use to compete. Many argue that the $250,000 prize money is a strong incentive that could push contestants too far. They think that contestants would be focusing only on extremely fast weight loss just to win the prize without prioritizing safety and health.

Contestants on the show lose 10 pounds or more per week which many experts believe would usually be counterproductive and at worse dangerous. The established medical guidelines for safe weight loss are between 1 and 2 pounds per week. 

But most of the contestants on the show start out being obese, and obese people can lose massive amounts of weight in the early stage of their weight loss journey without experiencing negative consequences. However, you would start seeing the negative effects of extreme weight loss if you fail to modify your diet and workout plan for a more moderate calorie deficit as your body reach a lower level of fat. 

The bottom line here is anyone who is aiming to lose weight for any reason have to understand how different approaches to diet and exercise will affect them and then choose the appropriately program for their goals. However, if you are not competing on the Biggest Loser show there is no need to use extreme measures to lose weight so fast that would not be optimal for maintaining muscle and maintaining a lean body for life.

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