How To Put On Just A Few Pounds Of Muscle And Make It Look Impressive

By | September 29, 2014

a-few-pounds-of-muscleI know that many people who are aiming to put on muscle are interested only in gaining a small to moderate amount of mass. But at the same time they are focused on the level of impact a small amount of gains would have on their appearance. The truth is, you do not need to build a massive amount of muscle to get an attractive physique. And even if you are building muscle to help improve your metabolism, health and fitness level, it does not have to be a load of muscle more than average to get good benefits.

Of course, the more muscle that you have, the higher the metabolic and strength benefits would be. But you don’t have to gain a large amount of muscle if you don’t need to.

Frankly, only professional bodybuilders and people who make a living lifting really heavy things would find it necessary to turn their body into a massively muscled piece of art. The average Joe and Jane may want to focus on basically putting on a moderate or average amount of lean mass and try to optimize the visual impact that muscle creates. Here’re what you can do to look impressive if your aim is to put on just a few pounds of muscle mass on your body.

Make Sure That You Are Gaining Close To 100% Lean Muscle

Lean muscle simply means muscle that is not surrounded by a lot of fat. If your muscle is lean it will look a whole lot better than if it has fat with it. Since gaining muscle and losing fat both require consuming more calories that you burn, it’s possible to gain fat when eating for muscle gains.

While some people fail to gain lean muscle simply from not eating enough, it could be very easy for some people to gain too much fat from a bad approach with their diet or thinking that a muscle gaining diet means eating everything in site.

The trick in gaining lean muscle without fat gain is to select a calorie surplus that’s enough to build muscle, but not too much to have excess stored as fat. Overeating, even on clean, bodybuilding foods is going to make you gain fat along with the muscle.

To gain muscle and stay lean it takes continued discipline and dietary restraint, but the fact is, you can’t gain any muscle if you don’t create a calrie surplus.

Focus On The Two Different Muscle Growths

Knowing how your muscles get bigger is essential to creating an effective workout to get the precise results that you are after. Many people are not aware of the fact that two kinds of muscle growth exist. Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy is the first kind of muscle growth. Myofibrillar Hypertrophy is the other way a muscle increases in size.

Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy training will give your muscle an enlarged look due to build up of fluid inside the cells of muscles. Myofibrillar Hypertrophy on the other hand will improve how dense and strong a muscle is because it happens as a result of muscle tissue expansion. Myofibrillar muscle growth does not happen as quickly as the other kind of muscle growth.

In order to attain a good balance in your lean muscle gains, you would want to learn how to train for sarcoplasmic muscle growth and some myofibrillar muscle growth at the right time in your program. By using the 2 muscle growths in a strategic way you would gain muscle effectively, and at the same time get dense muscles that will optimize your definition and tone.

Focus On Putting On Muscle In The Right Body Parts

Another important factor that determines the impact a small amount of muscle gains will have on the transformation of your physique is “where on your body you put on the muscle”.The common advice of just sticking to the big lifts like deadlifts, squats, and bench presses is great if you just want to add mass and don’t care what you wind up looking like. This is the quickest route to putting on a lot of weight. The problem lies in the fact that you are hoping that everything will look right after all the weight is added.

Many beginners use this approach time and time again and wind up having a look that they did not aim for such as the look of a professional wrestler with big butt, upper legs, hips, big around the mid section, massive traps etc.

If you are aiming for a lean, slick look with a few pounds of muscle gains, a better approach is to increase the volume of muscles that you need to grow and backing WAY down on everything else. If you want a bigger chest with a special focus on increasing your upper chest, then dramatically increase the volume on various incline presses, incline flyes, hammer strength machines, etc.

Adding 6 pounds to your shoulders, arms and chest can transform the way you look. Spreading that same amount of muscle over your entire body, not as visually impressive.

So these are some important tips to consider if you are aiming to put on just a few pounds of muscle and make sure it looks impressive on your body.

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