President Obama Lifts Weights, And So Should You

By | June 8, 2014

President Obama Lifts WeightsOne no longer has to speculate what the president of the United States, Barack Obama’s, workout routine involves. After the video of the president doing his exercise in a hotel gym in Poland was leaked on the internet recently, it’s now clear that President Obama lifts weights as part of his workout routine.

Although some people believe that the president’s form was not smooth and perfect, it’s clear from the video that the president knew well what he was doing, and he is accustomed to the weights. But why didn’t Obama decide to just hit a cardio machine like the treadmill or exercise bike and call it a workout like many people would? Here’s why President Obama lifts weights in his workout program and why everyone need to be lifting weights as part of their exercise plan.

Why It’s Important To Include Weight Training In Your Exercise Plan

Weight training should be a part of every exercise program for good health and fitness. This is something that has been concluded by professionals in the health community. That’s the reason Obama is making sure to include it in his workout. Many people mistakenly believe that the free weights section of a gym is only for the people who want to build big muscle. But the fact is, even if your workout is aimed at maintaining health and fitness or weight loss you should still be lifting weights.

Although weight training is one of the main tool used by people who want to grow muscle size, this is not it’s only purpose and benefit. In fact, you must have a specific program for building muscle when your aim is to do so with weight training. Unless you do, you will never get bigger muscle from lifting weights.

On the other hand, you can get a number of other benefits from weight training apart from gaining muscle such as improved cardiovascular health, strength, body toning, muscle maintenance etc.

So if you have a workout routine, and lifting weights is not a part of it, you need to make changes now and get started with weight training like President Obama is doing. See the president in action in the video below.

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