4 Nutrition Tips To Lose Fat, Build Muscle And Get Better Health

By | November 13, 2013

nutrition to lose fat and build muscleHere are some nutrition tips to lose fat, build muscle and get a healthier body in the process. 

In our effort to get a chiseled, hot body fast we often look for the fastest diet and most effective training program on the market to use for this purpose. It’s a good thing to look for fast results when trying to accomplish anything beneficial, but we must always remember the importance of good health for our body when changing our eating pattern for any reason.

Health is paramount no matter your goals and it needs to be taken into consideration at all times when opting for any type of diet plan to lose fat and build muscle.

           Lose Fat, Gain Muscle And Maximize Good Health

According to the way that you modify your diet for long term compliance it can do one of three main things to your body’s health: maintain your body’s level of health as it is, make your body healthier or make your body less healthy.

I don’t want to go out of my way here and make any choices for you, but I’m assuming that you’ll prefer to follow an eating plan to lose fat and build muscle while maintaining or improving your body’s health, right?

Here are some good tips to help you reach optimal body composition while making sure that you are staying healthy or getting healthier in the process.

1. Know Your Body’s Nutritional Needs

I like to remind people that their body is unique and this affects your individual calorie and nutrition needs. Once you know the basic information about calories and macronutrients you should have a pretty good idea of how and what you should be eating for your body type for good health and body composition improvement.

However, there are many diet programs that have the right information and guidelines to allow you to plan your nutrition specifically tailored to your individual needs to lose fat or build muscle without undermining your good health. 

2. Eliminate Unhealthy Foods

Any diet plan that eliminates unhealthy foods and includes only healthy nutrition-dense ones is going to improve your health. It doesn’t matter whether you want to build muscle or lose fat, there is no need to consume foods that are known to be toxic to health.

Gaining muscle and losing fat requires an adjustment to your daily calories, sufficient proteins, carbs and healthy fats in good proportions. And all these nutritional components can all be obtained from healthy nutritious foods that will not ruin your health like the unhealthy choices such as trans fatty acids, refined sugars and processed foods. If you reduce or eliminate all these bad foods from your diet you will not lose anything valuable but your health will improve.

3. Proper Balance

Any diet that instructs you to keep a certain important nutrition component completely out of your eating plan  needs to be seriously scrutinized or avoided.

A caloric modification is the most important dietary requirement to build muscle or lose fat. And this calorie intake whether it’s a surplus or a deficit can be proportionately balanced with proteins, carbs and fats to provide your body with all the important nutrients for good health while you gain or lose weight.

4. The Right Calorie Intake

If your aim is to lose fat you have to burn more calories than you are consuming. To build muscle you have to do the reverse. However, whether you are decreasing calories to burn fat or increasing to gain muscle you should always stay within healthy and safe limits. Your calorie surplus should allow you to gain muscle without storing too many excess as fat and your calorie deficit should allow you to lose fat without starving yourself or losing lean body mass.

I hope these points give you some insights for choosing the right diet plan for fat loss and muscle building while maintaining and improving your body’s health. 

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