Nelly Workout And Diet – How Did Nelly Build His Body To Look Muscular And Defined?

By | December 8, 2013


The rapper Nelly has a good muscular physique, with impressive definition, which is a look that many guys want to imitate. But don’t ever think that Nelly got this spectacular “lean muscular body” by accident. The entertainer had to work very hard and remain consistent with proper nutrition and training to reach the level of muscularity and definition that he has today.

Many men want to know what is Nelly’s workout and diet that he used to gain muscle and build a strong and lean body?

Nelly did an interview with Men’s Health a while back and he shared some information about his journey to getting his muscular physique, which I discuss below.

At What Age Did Nelly Start Working Out?

Nelly started working out when he was 25 years old, which is a good age to start making gains. You can gain muscle at any age, but when you are between 16-25 years old you would get results faster if you are a beginner and using the right nutrition and training program.

Nelly said that he was never really in bad shape. He always had a lean athletic build, but his aim was to gain more muscle on his body to get bigger and more muscular. Nelly had to work hard to gain muscle and build up his level of muscularity because he is somewhat a hardgainer. A hardgainer is a person who finds it hard to put on weight despite eating a lot. But no matter what your body composition challenges are, whether it’s gaining muscle or reducing body fat, there is always a way to overcome it and get the body shape you want.

Nelly’s Workout Routine

Nelly’s workout routine varies depending on his goals and schedules. His workout program is usually focused on maintaining and building muscle because he doesn’t have a problem with body fat. He can stay lean easily. His challenge has always been to put on muscle and size. Nelly would also always use a split routine because he is now at an advanced level of training.

Nelly Showing Off Muscle

If you are a beginner, you may get good benefits from a full body routine where you train your entire body each day that you workout. But when you build up some significant muscle mass, you would need to start emphasizing on separate muscle groups each workout by training on a split routine.

Nelly’s Workout Split is usually 5 days a week, but when he is busy he may reduce it to 2-3 days a week. Here is what it looks like.

  • Monday: triceps
  • Tuesday: back and shoulders
  • Wednesday: biceps/legs
  • Thursday: chest using a bench press
  • Friday: start over with triceps.

As for the specific exercises that he uses and the rep and set scheme, Nelly didn’t reveal a lot of info on that. But what he said to Men’s Health is “the key is to keep moving around the exercises so you don’t get bored or used to one thing. I tend to do fewer reps at a higher resistance because I am working on building not getting lean. 6-8 reps work for me”.

Now, 6-8 reps with high resistance may work well for some people to put on muscle. But for some other people, this rep range may not be optimal for building muscular size.

Remember, if you want to build a body like Nelly you do not have to use the same workout program and diet plan like him. The best thing that you can do is get a program that is right for your body, schedule, personal preferences etc. You can’t go wrong by using a muscle building program that gives you the right guidance and instructions that work for you as an individual to build muscle.

Nelly Rapping

Nelly’s Diet Plan

Due to Nelly’s fast metabolism, he has to eat as much as he can to gain weight and build muscle. We’ve already shown that a calorie surplus is a fundamental requirement to gain weight and muscle mass. This means you must be consuming more calories than you are burning each day when you are training to build muscle.

The precise amount of calories one needs to build muscle is one of the top factors that must be individualized, because elements such as body type and activity level vary with different people, and they greatly affect your individual caloric needs.

As for Nelly, he has an ectomorphic body type and a very active lifestyle. Therefore, he needs to eat a lot of calories when he is aiming to gain muscle. Nelly also makes sure to get enough protein in his diet which is also a key component for building muscle. He eats foods such as pancakes, turkey, oatmeal eggs and cheese. His meal schedule is usually 3-4 meals a day.

But when it comes to overcoming the challenges of building muscle, it’s not only your diet that needs to be addressed. Your workout program would also affect the rate at which you gain muscle.

Nelly Physique

What About Nelly’s Abs?

Some people think that there is some type of secret method for getting six pack abs (or any amount of abs you want to see). But the truth is, the abs are just muscles like any other muscles in the body. All you have to do to get them is train to build up their size and get lean enough so that they can show up.

The conclusion of Nelly’s Workout And Diet to build his body is that his primary goal was to build muscle and size from day 1. And due to his ectomorphic body type, staying lean was easy for him, but he had to work hard to gain muscle.

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