Metabolic Renewal Review – Jade Teta’s Program For Women

By | April 19, 2018

review of metabolicAllow us to introduce a different fitness program for women called Metabolic Renewal by Dr. Jade Teta who is known as a knowledgeable expert in the health and fitness field especially in the areas of metabolism and women’s issues.

If you are a woman who is interested in having a personalized fitness program that is specifically designed for your female body to help you get the best results possible, then you would want to check this program out. It helps you identify your hormone type and addresses the hormonal imbalances you may have to make it easier for you to get results. In this Metabolic Renewal Review, we are going to give you the information you need to make an informed decision on this program.

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What Is Metabolic Renewal?

This program is targeted towards women who want to lose weight, get in shape, gain energy and feel fantastic. Metabolic Renewal is the first science-based, metabolism-restoring program designed to turn your natural female hormonal rhythms into a fat-burning, body-sculpting advantage. It is structured as a 12-week workout and nutrition program that teaches women how to exercise and eat based on their unique body, metabolism and hormone type.

Dr. Teta discovered from studies, testing and years coaching women that the optimal approach for a woman towards fitness is using a program that is customized for her hormone type, optimizes her metabolism and fits her personal preferences and circumstances.

The program will address each woman’s personal hormonal difficulty, which is a big factor that causes many women to struggle with losing weight and feeling great. Hormones are your body’s chemical messengers that affect many different processes including sleep, hunger, energy, mood, cravings, and metabolism. And you already know that all these things will affect the weight loss process and how you feel daily.

Metabolic Expert Dr Jade Teta

Depending on a woman’s hormone type she may face some frustrating challenges. But she would also have key metabolic advantages that can be tapped into in order to help her get the results she is looking for. Metabolic Renewal works by first helping you identify your hormone type, then it customizes your diet and exercise plan for you in a way that allows you to minimize the worst challenges of your hormone type and maximize your unique strengths.

Inside Metabolic Renewal you’ll get educational content that will teach you exactly what you are working with in terms of the science behind the program. And of course, you’ll get the step by step diet and workout program you need to follow to lose fat, gain strength and transform your body.

The program includes a customizable eating plan that was developed to be convenient to follow yet highly nutritional and very effective at making fat loss happen.

You’ll also get a customizable workout program that is based on hyper-efficient intelligent moves that stimulate your metabolism and fully harness your female advantage. This workout program is based on Dr. Jade Teta’s 15-minute workout strategy that was specially developed to shorten workout time and maximize fat burning during and after the workout. This special workout strategy is designed to boost your metabolism to deliver you the most results in the least time. This is one great benefit if you’re short on time. But also, women who have struggled to get results in the past would find this a good solution to experience more positive results.

We believe this is a sensible approach to fitness, which is why we decided to do metabolic renewal reviews to inform our female readers of this special program.

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In terms of what you get when you purchase the program, Metabolic Renewal comes with video and text guides that you would follow to put the system to use. If you choose to buy the digital version you will get instant access online to all the program’s content in digital form. There is also a physical version of the program that includes physical DVDs and books that are shipped to you, which you can choose if you prefer to have a physical copy. Buyers of the physical version will also get access to the digital version for no additional cost.

Is Metabolic Renewal Worth It?

One great thing about Metabolic Renewal is it is not a one-size-fits-all fitness program, which is unlike most of the programs that are on the market right now. Everything about the program is specifically targeted toward women, it can be customized for each user’s unique needs, and it addresses the important underlying issues that affect a woman’s results when she is trying to get her best body shape. This is a great approach that works better than the traditional cookie-cutter programs that just focus on the caloric deficit and nothing else.

Metabolic Renewal is not a miracle weight loss product (none exists), but it is a viable solution for women who want better and faster results. Most of us like to blame ourselves for failing to get the results we want, but your present struggles with weight loss could be caused by the exact problem this program addresses – “not using a customized plan for you”.

If you aren’t eating and training specifically for your hormone type, your metabolism and unique body you could be missing out on a lot of the great fitness results you deserve. Who doesn’t want to take advantage of anything that allows you to get more of what you want in less time for the effort you put in?

Another great thing about the program is the creator is a qualified and credible expert with a proven track record in the health and fitness field. I have been following Dr. Teta for a long time, and honestly, I do not know any other fitness expert who is more knowledgeable, passionate and charismatic.

So yes, I believe Metabolic Renewal is worth the buy. And if you decide to get it early during the special offer it’s even a greater bargain.

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How Metabolic Renewal Was Tested And Results Proven

One more good thing about Metabolic Renewal is the program has been tested and the results have been validated before it was released to the public. Dr. Teta and his team started the project with 40 women aged between 24 and 67 to test the program.

They took the women’s histories in great detail and before and after photos. And then brought them through the 12-week process. They purposely brought in recruits with some of the most difficult cases in weight loss. Women at all stages of menopause (peri, meno and postmenopause). Those with hypothyroid and PCOS. Those with food issues, those just out of pregnancy and those with excessively busy lives.

Based on their clinical intakes, the women were assigned to one of the seven hormone types. The goal was to give the women a base structure and then teach them how to adjust based on them. Instead of just tracking them for the 12-weeks, the women were tracked for the entire year.

The results were absolutely amazing. These women completely changed their bodies, but more importantly their minds around food.

Inside Metabolic Renewal – What You Get

Metabolic Renewal DVD

Remember, Metabolic Renewal comes in 2 options: digital/online access and physical/shipped in a box form. You have the option to choose the digital only or both physical and digital when you purchase. Both versions contain the exact same information with regards to the program. The only difference is the physical option comes with physical DVDs and books shipped to your home, and the digital version is accessed online via the paid members area of the Metabolic Renewal website in organized tabs.

Before we go into the contents of the program here are some main pointers on how the program is laid out:

  • The program runs for 12 weeks. Obviously, you can repeat the program as many times as you want.
  • The workout program is divided into 4 phases. Each phase is 3 weeks long and is designed to have a different impact on your body, hormones, metabolism, and results. This means you’ll gradually increase your fitness level and transform your body as you progress through the 4 phases.
  • The program can be customized by individuals to work best for their fitness level, personal preferences, and specific goals. For example, if you are at an advanced level in fitness and looking for advanced results, you can simply jump to a higher phase of the program that allows you to achieve the specific goal you are after.

Now, here is the summary of the contents of Metabolic Renewal:

1. The Workout Videos

These are divided into 4 unique phases. If you choose to get a physical copy of the program you’ll get the videos on 4 separate DVDs. If you choose just the digital version you’ll access the videos on the Metabolic Renewal website in the members’ area.

With Dr. Jade Teta as your coach, along with female models in the video, you’ll see how to properly perform the exercises to help you get the desired results week to week. In each phase, you’ll do a workout 3 days per week with 1 rest day after each workout day. Each workout is just 15 minutes long.

The workout program includes specially-designed resistance and cardio training that can all be done at home with no special equipment. Walking is also recommended in the program as an additional form of exercise.

Check out this snapshot of one of the Metabolic Renewal workout videos

Renewal Workout Snapshot

2. The Metabolic Renewal Roadmap

This is the book where Dr. Jade Teta will explain everything you need to understand regarding the program and the concepts and methods that are involved. The book includes chapters on how the program works, the laws of metabolism, understanding your hormone type, meals, mindset, movement, FAQ, and much more.

3. The 12 Week Metabolic Meals Plan

This is the manual that provides specific guidelines on how to eat for the program. The meals are designed to be delicious and nutritious. The meal plan is easy to understand and follow. You will just select the right nutrition plan and then fine-tune the diet to your personal needs. You’ll also get good tips and tricks to make the diet work great for you.

4. The Transformation Tracker

This is a booklet that allows you to track your results in different areas as you go through the program.

5. The Metabolic Renewal Quick Start Guide

This is a guide that helps you get started right away as soon as you receive the program.

6. Access To The Private Facebook Group

Metabolic Renewal customers will be able to join the private “Metabolic Renewal Facebook Group” which gives you a private place to connect with other women who are using the program and to get the social support you need to become successful.

The Good

  • Addresses The Metabolism & Hormones – Any fitness program that shows you how to address your metabolism and hormones to maximize fat burn and fitness results is worth trying out.
  • Specifically designed for women – This is definitely a key benefit of the program that would help significantly with your fat loss success.
  • Good quality and trust – It is a quality program designed by a qualified expert.
  • Multiple benefits – Besides helping you get a lean, toned body and improving your fat-burning potential, the Metabolic Renewal program would help users fight aging, improve their health and boost energy.
  • Great customer support – Some fitness programs on the market leave you on your own to fight through your fitness journey. With Metabolic Renewal, once you become a customer you become part of an active community of fitness seekers and fitness experts where you’ll get support anytime you need it.
  • Comes with a guarantee – And if for any reason you are not impressed by it. You’re covered by the money-back guarantee.

The Bad

  • The workouts will get intense – The workouts are not grueling, but they are also not the traditional type cardio workouts. Remember, these workouts are designed to deliver more results in less time. Therefore, it requires you to put in some hard effort in order to get the full metabolic benefits. But you will be training in stages, so if you are not accustomed to high-intensity workouts, don’t worry because you will be starting out at the easiest beginner level and gradually progress to higher intensity as your fitness level improves.
  • The purchase process can be confusing – I have seen messages from people saying that they are confused about how to order the program. I believe this is due to the quiz page that most people go to. If you are confused about the purchasing process for the program, follow the steps in the section below.

How To Purchase Metabolic Renewal

The only way at the moment to buy Metabolic Renewal is on the official website. You can buy it right away without completing the full quiz and without watching the long video, or, you can complete the quiz first that helps you find out your hormone type. If you have already completed the quiz and just want to return to the site to make your purchase or you simply want to skip the quiz and long video process please click here.

If you want to first complete the quiz to find out your hormone type before you purchase Metabolic Renewal, follow the steps below:

1. Visit the Metabolic Renewal quiz page and complete the hormone type quiz. Click here to visit the website
2. After you complete the questions you’ll be redirected to a page where a video with Dr. Jade Teta will start automatically playing.
3. Allow the video to play for 15-20 minutes for the “buy button” to appear.
4. Once the “buy button” appears, click on it to complete your purchase.

What Makes The Program Different?

We all know that in order to lose weight and cut body fat you do need to have a caloric deficit. But there are much more to fat loss than a caloric deficit that one-size-fits-all programs that focus on just the “eat less, exercise more” approach does not address. In case you don’t know, one-size-fits-all fitness programs are not the best way for any woman to try to get her body nice and lean. Sure, they might be enough to give you a few pounds of weight loss when you are just starting out. But they could create more challenges for you than you should deal with and they are not optimal for breaking through a plateau, boosting metabolism and producing permanent body-transforming results.

There is a better way that a woman can achieve weight loss and get a great body. The better way is to use an approach that takes everything about you the individual into consideration including your age, gender, hormones, metabolism, and personal struggles. This approach will allow you to have the balance and stability you need in mind and body to achieve any short-term or long-term fitness goal much easier.


Metabolic Renewal is a good program you would want to get your hands on if you are a woman with any type of weight loss or fitness goal. If you’ve realized that your body is changing and getting in shape has become harder, the Metabolic Renewal program may be the solution you have been looking for to make good progress again.

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