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By | May 25, 2018

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The Metabolic Factor is a 22-day fat loss program that was designed by certified nutrition specialist Dr. Jonny Bowden. The program has a special focus on optimizing the metabolism and hormones to burn more body fat. If your body burns more sugar than fat for energy then it will be harder for you to get the lean body you want. So if you have not been getting great fat loss results that you should be getting, this program might be a solution for you.

It focuses on improving all metabolic areas that affect weight loss by addressing 5 key areas: nutrition, sleep, stress, detoxification, and movement. Called pathways in the program, each one of these areas is addressed to help you get better fat burning results.

Dr. Bowden promises that, by following his program, you will optimize your hormones and upgrade your metabolism to burn more fat while at the same time getting optimal health, more energy, improved skin and better brain function. The program is very popular in the weight loss community and it has lots of great testimonials and success stories. Is it a good program for you? You can read the details on the program below in my review of the Metabolic Factor to make a decision. This review is for the new 2018 edition of the program which is now version 3.0.

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What Is The Metabolic Factor?

The program is for men and women who want to lose fat in an efficient manner by boosting their body’s ability to burn fat. It does this by training the body to use stored fat as energy and activating your Metabolically Active Tissue.

The Metabolic Factor is primarily a fat loss nutrition program that is based on strategically controlling carbs and using carb-rich cheat meals. But it also has routines for improving sleep, managing stress, detoxifying the body and getting exercise.  All these different aspects of the program affect fat loss and produce benefits for health, skin, mind, and energy.

The program comes with 2 plans: The Basic plan and The Advanced plan. On both plans, you will address all five of the pathways for optimal health and fat burning. The only difference in the two plans is that the advanced plan gives you some additional steps you can take if you want to go a little deeper and master the five pathways to optimal health and a fat-burning metabolism.

A key strategy of the program is addressing the hormones that affect your metabolism and fat loss. One of the main hormones that it focuses on is IGF-1. This hormone helps fat burning by releasing energy in fat cells. It also activates your Metabolically Activate Tissue (MAT). This tissue is comprised of your organs and bones. It burns more than 50% of all your daily calories.

Metabolic Factor eBook

The nutrition plan will tell you which foods to eat that trigger IGF-1 and which foods to get rid of that block it. However, you’ll have lots of food choices and meal preparation options to fit different needs and eating preferences instead of a specific list of foods. The other pathways of the program are also designed to optimize IGF-1 and reduce the hormones that negatively affect the metabolism and fat loss.

In terms of the contents of the program, if you purchase you can download the entire program in a digital format that comes with eBook PDF files or you can order the physical version plus the PDFs. The following are included in the program:

  1. A 75-page program manual explaining the detailed science.
  2. A full nutrition plan and recipe book, all custom formulated with food variations for preferences.
  3. A full health and nutrition tracker so customers can monitor improvements in their health scores, body transformations and many other health indicators such as sleep, mood, energy, cravings etc.
  4. A complete member’s area where customers get access to a team of nutritionists and receive an instant response.
  5. A comprehensive coaching program that allows customers to turn on/off with a click of a button delivering coaching calls and daily support emails that are tailored to them when they start the program.

How Does The Metabolic Factor Work?

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Dr. Jonny Bowden designed Metabolic Factor as a 22-day program that addresses the 5 pathways I mentioned earlier to achieve optimal health and a fat-burning metabolism. According to Dr. Bowden, each one of these pathways has to be addressed in order to get great results. “Shortchanging any one of them will compromise your results,” he wrote. “In fact, ignoring everything but nutrition and exercise is the big mistake that dooms most of the programs I’ve seen”.

By following the plan for the 5 pathways you will trigger the hormonal responses needed to change your metabolism from slow moving and burning sugar to one that runs fast and burns fat. Dr. Bowden will tell you precisely what to do in the program, step by step, week by week, to make this happen in only 22 days.

The program allows users to customize their meals based on their personal eating preferences. Therefore, if you prefer keto, vegan, paleo etc you can fit any of these eating styles into the program. It is easy to modify because the program is all about boosting metabolism and not religiously following a specific style of eating.

Initially, people who are interested in the program would take the short quiz to discover their fat burning type. And based on the answers to the quiz (Age, gender, and fat-burning type) you will get a customized video that talks directly to you and your challenges.

The main program manual or blueprint is structured in modules for you to follow through. In each module, there are different sections and at the end, there will be a worksheet for you to review and implement the information.

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Optimizing Hormones And Metabolism For Fat Loss?

According to conventional information on weight loss, any diet that provides a person with fewer calories than they need in a day will cause weight loss to happen. So what makes a program like Metabolic Factor special or a better choice than any other weight loss program?

The simple answer is its ability to improve the way your metabolism works and make weight loss easier.

Diet With 6 Factors

Optimizing the metabolism helps your body burn calories in a more efficient manner. Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds or start lifelong changes, changing the way your body burns calories would be beneficial.

Of course, you need a calorie deficit to lose weight. But weight loss is not just about creating a calorie deficit. Focusing only on eating less and exercising more is the approach that causes many people to fail at successful weight loss beyond just a few pounds. This approach is not optimal and may negatively affect your ability to lose weight long term. It is important to know that certain foods make it harder to lose weight, not just because you eat too much of them, but because of the way they affect your hormones and metabolism.

According to findings from a new study published in the New York Times, the key to weight loss is diet quality, not quantity.  It found that people who cut back on certain foods like added sugar and highly processed foods while concentrating on eating plenty of the foods that help weight loss lost significant amounts of weight over the course of a year without worrying about counting calories or limiting portion sizes.

Metabolic Factor is based on a similar diet approach. And it does not just focus on food quality. It also addresses other things that improve your hormones and metabolism so that weight loss becomes easier for you.

The faster your metabolism is, the faster your body can turn nutrients from food into energy. On Metabolic Factor, your body will shift to burning fat for energy. The goal of the program is helping your metabolism change from a sugar-burning metabolism to a fat-burning one.

According to Dr. Jonny, in order to make this happen, you have to follow the laws of metabolism. “The metabolism has its own rules and it doesn’t care if you like it. If you don’t follow the rules of metabolism, you get fat, sick, tired, and old. The good news is that if you do follow the rules of metabolism, you can be a lean, mean fat-burning machine in practically no time” he said.

About Dr. Jonny Bowden, The Creator Of The Program

Dr Jonny Bowden

Dr. Jonny Bowden is a weight loss researcher and certified nutrition specialist. He holds a Masters in Psychology and Ph.D. in Nutrition Science. He also earned 6 advanced exercise and nutrition certifications. He has already helped over 250,000 men and women lose weight and keep it off.

Dr. Bowden discovered and developed the method in the Metabolic Factor from his own personal experience with weight issues, years of professional research, working with thousands of clients and learning from other experts in the health and fitness industry.

Dr. Jonny Bowden has written 13 Amazon and New York Times best-selling books and has appeared on dozens of T.V. shows like Dr. Oz and The Doctors.

Dr. Jonny Bowden, Dr. Stephen Sinatra and Dr. Oz on The Dr. Oz Show

Dr Bowden On Dr Oz Show

How To Purchase Metabolic Factor

There are two ways to purchase the program.

1. Purchase After The Quiz (Complete the quiz and click the order button that comes up during the video.)

If you want to first complete the quiz that was created to help you discover your fat burning type before you purchase Metabolic Factor, then you have to go to the quiz page to do so. Click here go to the quiz page to complete the questionnaire. After you complete the questions you’ll be redirected to a page where a video with Dr. Jonny Bowden will start automatically playing. Allow the video to play for 15-20 minutes for the “buy button” to appear. Once the “buy button” appears, click on it to complete your purchase.

2. Purchase On The Official Website (Go directly to the official website and scroll down to the bottom of the page to click on the order button.)

If you have already completed the quiz and just want to purchase the program or you simply want to skip the quiz and long video process, then you have to go to the official website. Click here to visit the official website, scroll to the bottom of the long webpage to find the order button, then select the version of the program you want and click the order button.

What Do You Get When You Order?

metabolic factor image blueprint

The Metabolic Factor program is available in 2 delivery options: digital/online access and physical/shipped form. You have the option to choose the digital only or both physical and digital versions before you order. Both versions contain the exact same information with regards to the program. The only difference is the physical version comes with physical books shipped to your home, and the digital version is instantly accessed online after you purchase.

After you order you will get access to all the guides, tools and support that come with the program. Here is everything that is included in your order:

1. The Metabolic Factor Blueprint – This is the main 22-day guide that shows you what to do step by step to fix your metabolism and burn fat naturally. This step-by-step system addresses each of the five pathways that lead to fat burning and optimal health. In each section of the guide, Dr. Bowden will tell you precisely what to do, step by step, week by week throughout the 22 days.

2. The Metabolic Factor 10-Minute Meals – This is a cookbook that contains delicious, easy-to-make recipes that are designed with the entire family in mind, including children. Most of the meals take 10 minutes or less to prepare using simple, common ingredients you can find at any local grocery store. They include a variety of metabolism-boosting “carb feast” meals and desserts that are the key to keeping your metabolism high and your M.A.T. burning fat.

3. The Metabolic Factor Quick Start Guide – If you want to get started right away when you get the program, the Quick Start Guide is for you. It is the condensed version of the entire Metabolic Factor Plan into a “skim it in seconds” guide. You’ll get the gist of the program in quickly and easily.

4. The Metabolic Factor Progress Tracker – This is a simple daily calendar to track your results. It allows you to measure the fat loss from specific parts of your body or places where you most want to lose weight. You’ll also be able to gauge how quickly your M.A.T. is activating.

5. Metabolic Motivation Emails – These are daily email messages that you will be receiving from Dr. Jonny over the 22 days that will give you guidance, tips, and inspiration.

6. Weekly Coaching Calls With Dr. Jonny Bowden – Get Dr. Jonny on 4 video calls where he will personally coach you through your transition and into the lean, active, and healthy next phase of your life.

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Metabolic Factor Customer Testimonials

Over 100,000 customers bought the program and these include thousands of success stories including stories of individuals who have lost over 100 lbs. Without a doubt, this program works great, but there are a number of reasons why customers like the program.

Here are just a few of the many customer testimonials for the program that were found on social media.

1 user experienced the variety of benefits the program offers:

“I’m definitely going to try and keep going after this 22-day program. It has helped my energy level during the day, my weight has gone down a bit, my sleep is better, my focus at work is better. It’s unreal how many things a horrible diet affects!”

Another user likes the flexibility of the eating plan:

“It’s pretty flexible as far as the recipes go so I recommend trying it. I’ve lost weight and inches too! It’s mainly a weight loss plan but there’s a host of other benefits to eating high fat and cutting sugar. This has been a great food plan, lots of good recipes! Highly recommended!”

This user likes what the program has done for her skin:

“Almost 18 months now and my skin hasn’t had any little zits, eczema or anything since! But in just two weeks the difference was wow. I had a bad case of eczema since the age of 4 (I’m 39) and when I fixed my gut it went away completely!”

Kathy Honingford Franke on Facebook said:

“I have been following this program and I am doing well.”

Dick Wuolukka on Facebook said:

“Best meals I have ever cooked”

Avocado And Steak Lunch

Benefits Of Metabolic Factor

This program really does offer a lot of fascinating benefits. It offers benefits in different areas such as usability, simplicity, and effectiveness. You’ll also learn a lot about weight loss from reading the information in the main manual – Metabolic Factor Blueprint. It will give you a deeper understanding of the metabolism, hormones and other factors that affect fat loss that you can use to your advantage to get fast and permanent results. Here are some of the benefits this program offers:

  • The program has been around for a few years and is now in its 3rd edition. The program is updated with the newest information and customization.
  • It optimizes your metabolism to help you burn more fat in a lot less time.
  • It comes with enough resources to guide and support you. And you get both a physical and digital copy of the program.
  • Metabolic Factor allows you to customize your diet based on your personal eating preferences. It is easy to modify to work with Keto, Vegan, Paleo etc.
  • The quiz provided helps you discover your fat-burning type. Based on your answers to the quiz you will get a customized video that talks directly to you and your challenges.
  • Metabolic Factor is a professionally-designed nutrition program that addresses a lot of the underlying factors of fat loss. This will help ensure you get good results. Even if nothing has worked before this has the potential to work.


If you really want to maximize your fat loss results, the Metabolic Factor is a good program you can use. The aim of the program is to teach you how to optimize your metabolism and increase fat burning with Dr. Jonny Bowden’s 5 pathways. So, it is worth trying out.

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