Justin Bieber Workout Routine To Gain Muscle – Is It Working?

By | July 24, 2013

justin bieber workout routine

Is Justin Bieber workout routine helping him get muscles well?

It has been a long time since pop singer Justin Bieber said that he has been working out in the gym, trying to gain some muscle.

But although Justin Bieber did put on some muscle since he made the announcement a while back, his gains has not really created a big transformation with regards to his muscularity.

Many people are saying that despite Bieber’s efforts to put on muscular size, he is still looking a bit scrawny and even looking less mature than his actual age.

However, this is not stopping Justin Bieber from posting pictures of himself shirtless and appearing shirtless in the media on a regular basis.

You can’t say that he is wrong to show off what he has got though because his abs look great due to his low body fat level, he has overall aestheticism, he is very lean and he is in much better shape than some other male entertainers who take their shirts off to be on camera. In other words, the guy is in great shape, all he needs is just to add some more muscle mass in specific body parts.

Justin Bieber’s Workout Routine – Would It Build Muscle?

The question that many people are asking is: what is Justin Bieber’s workout that he has been using to try to gain muscle?

Not only people who are curious about Justin Bieber’s muscles that want to find this out but many young guys who are skinny and want to get a bigger, more muscular body may find any information relating to Justin Bieber’s muscle building workout helpful to them for their own muscle building quest.

Justin Bieber Abs

The Workout

When it comes to building muscle, a key element for success is lifting heavy weights to get stronger and keep progressing to heavier weights when you get used to a certain size of weight. This is called progressive resistance, and it’s a crucial factor to succeed in building bigger muscles.

Also, most weight training beginners would need to include the various compound exercises in their weight training program to build muscle effectively such as squat, deadlift and benchpress. This is important to create the right impact on the body and muscles for growth and development.

These exercises build up multiple muscle groups instead of just one muscle, so they are very effective for mass gain.  Young guys who are beginners like Justin Bieber can build muscle quickly if they eat and train right due to the beginner gains being combined with a good age for fast muscle growth.

But using a strategic program will give you better results! 

Although the basic lifts and progressive resistance are very important for building muscle, a muscle building program that is limited to only the basics will not give you optimal results. A program that incorporates effective strategies could tremendously optimize the results that you get.

Justin Bieber Workout

The Diet

The diet aspect of gaining muscle mass is important like the workout, in some cases even more important. You must be following a well-structured eating plan that comprises of sufficient protein, carbohydrate, healthy fat and enough calories to gain weight and build up muscles.

Justin Bieber is a naturally lean guy (a characteristic of the ectomorph body type). Therefore, he may experience some difficulty gaining weight. So if you possess a body type like Justin, you’ll need to focus on consuming plenty of calories to be able to gain lean muscle.

When you are trying to build muscle, you must be eating more calories than you are burning. This is a fundamental rule to gain muscle.  But a lot of guys start training and don’t even know how many calories that they are consuming daily. This is a mistake, you must keep track of your calorie intake and make sure that you are eating at a calorie surplus to be able to build muscle.

Skinny guys have a genetic disadvantage for gaining muscle because their body is constantly burning calories fast, so it’s harder for them to maintain a calorie surplus. And this quick energy expenditure is increased when you have a very active lifestyle.

Nevertheless, with the use of the right nutrition and training strategies combined with the correct mindset, most skinny guys and hard-gainers could build up enough muscle to dramatically transform their bodies.

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