Jennifer Aniston Workout And Diet – Get A Lean And Toned Body Like Jen

By | October 30, 2013

Jennifer Aniston Workout

The actress Jennifer Aniston has been flaunting a spectacular appearance wherever

that she appears throughout her career. Whether it’s on tv, movies, the red carpet, professional photo shoots or candid shots she is always looking fine. One of the main reason for Jennifer Aniston’s consistent good looks is the awesome shape of her body.

Jennifer Aniston’s body has a very good fat to muscle ratio that gives her a nice lean and toned look. Not too much muscle, not too much fat and not too skinny. I’ll estimate that she is around 18-20% body fat.

This is just a wild estimate, but the fact is the woman is nicely toned with a good level of muscle definition yet she looks 100% feminine. This is an ideal look for many women to aim for. Instead of becoming too skinny or too muscular it’s a good approach for women to look lean and feminine. A good program to guide you to get this kind of look for your body is reviewed right here.

Let’s talk about Jennifer Aniston’s Workout And Diet that she uses to keep a fit and attractive body below.

Jennifer Aniston Body In Black Dress

Jennifer Aniston 2013

The History And Genetics Of Jennifer Aniston Body

According to reports I read, Jennifer Aniston was not always in perfect shape. She admitted one time that she was a bit fat in her early 20’s due to bad eating habits. She claimed that hard work and commitment to a good fitness regime is what gave her the great body she is known for. But I believe that she also has some good genes that easily help her stay


and always in good shape. Her body type may be a combination of two of the main body types (endomorph being one of them).

Jennifer Aniston Workout Routine

Jennifer Aniston’s workout approach is no big secret. She talks about her workout and diet in interviews regularly and her main personal trainer, Mandy Ingber, is a popular name in Hollywood fitness who regularly gives out information about the actress’ fitness program to the media.

Thee main points you should Know about Jennifer Aniston’s workout

  1. She does total-body workouts, with a special emphasis on arms, abs and legs.
  2. She does plenty of stretching and toning exercises for her arms and legs which is the reason these body parts are exceptionally toned.
  3. Her personal trainer, Mandy Ingber, is specialized in yoga. Jennifer Aniston workout program includes yoga sessions and it’s reported that yoga is the most loved component of her fitness regime.
  4. Jennifer Aniston has workout sessions 3-5 times a week. Her workout consist of a combination of yoga, toning exercises and cardio.
  5. She does cycling, walking or running for cardio.

Jennifer Aniston Diet Plan

When it comes to her eating habits, it is said that Jennifer is disciplined but moderate. She doesn’t starve herself to stay lean because she does not need to. She goes on a diet whenever it’s necessary to get slimmer such as for a movie or award show. Over the years, her name has been linked to various diet plans including the Atkins and Zone diets.

Jennifer Aniston Workout Diet Plan

Your Diet And Workout To Get A Body Like Jennifer Aniston

Getting in similar shape like Jennifer Aniston will require you to use a diet and exercise program that fits your body and specific needs best. It’s definitely not a smart approach to use Jennifer Aniston’s exact diet and workout approach just because it works for her. You have to look at your own circumstances and your body’s needs, then get a program that is designed correctly to improve your body composition.

Body composition is what you need to pay attention to in order to improve the look of your body. Either you’ll need to lose fat, build muscle or both to get a body like Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer has a moderate amount of muscle and a very good body fat percentage that makes her look defined.

This is all you can do to look lean and toned – reduce body fat and show muscle. I know that some infomercials may give the idea that there are certain fancy exercises that women can use to get lean and tone. But this is false. The only thing that anyone  (man or woman) can do to get lean and tone is to lose fat and develop the muscle on their body which is accomplished with diet, cardio and strength training.

Although you read that Jennifer Aniston loves yoga and does a lot of it, yoga alone did not give her the awesome body she has. Yoga is just one component that can be incorporated in a fitness program as a form of exercise. You must have a proper nutrition plan and a balanced training program to lose fat and/or build muscle to improve body composition.

So to get a body looking similar to Jennifer Aniston, the first thing you have to do is look at your present shape and determine your primary goal.

If you have too much fat, make your primary goal fat loss without muscle loss. Because if you are dropping fat and keeping the muscle you already have, your body will be transformed into a defined toned look overtime.

If you are too skinny or need more body mass, make your primary goal gaining lean muscle. You don’t have to worry about becoming too muscular and looking masculine because building muscle is a very controllable and slow process.