Is There A Right Age To Build Muscle?

By | April 4, 2017

If you want to start building muscle for the first time or start training again to get back into shape, it’s possible that you may want to know if the present time in your life is the right age to build muscle?

People of all ages (young and old) can build strength and muscle from proper nutrition and training. But the magnitude of gains and the rate at which muscles grow vary with different age groups. This will be explained as you continue to read below.

Below you’ll learn about preteens and muscle building, the best age to start serious efforts to build muscle and why you should not worry if you are at an older age and want to build muscle.

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Preteens Will Not Build Muscle Fast 

Kids under the age of 13 can benefit from strength training, but they will not be able to build muscle effectively. Pre-pubescents (children who have not begun puberty) bodies are not hormonally and structurally developed for building lots of muscle mass.  It is often thought that children who are over the age of 13 will build more muscle from strength training than younger kids.

But although children would not build muscle effectively until they have passed through puberty, this does not mean they would not benefit from training with weights. With a properly designed and supervised program, they can strengthen their muscles, and improve endurance, total fitness level, and sports performance. Strength training may also help them prevent injuries and speed up recovery.

The Age Group Where Muscle Gains Happen The Fastest

So as long as you are over 13 and able to do what is required to gain muscle properly and safely you’ll make gains no matter how old you are. However, there is a particular age range that is a sweet spot for fast muscle growth due to the high production of testosterone and growth hormone that happen around that time.

People who start working out in their late teens to mid-twenties, let’s say 17 – 25, will get a big initial growth burst that is not present in other age groups because their bodies have the most optimal amount of the important muscle building hormones. So it can be said that this is the best age to start building muscle because you’ll get the physiological advantages for faster muscle growth, but it’s not necessarily the right age. The right age is any age that you realize you should be working out and you are able to start a program and stick to it long term.


There is also another factor that causes faster muscle gains – first time lifting weights. No matter your age, doing weight training for the first time will produce faster results than if you are accustomed to lifting.

If a person starts training for the first time around the age 17  – 25 for example, they’ll get the advantage of putting muscle on fast due to optimal hormonal levels being combined with the beginners burst that everyone gets when they first start working out.

Being Older Would Not Prevent You From Gaining Muscle Well.


Although the fast muscle growth starts to slow down when you pass your mid-twenties, you do not have to worry if you already lived past this age. The nutrition and training requirements for getting in shape at age 30, 40 or 50 are much the same as they were at age 20. Age is not a factor that prevents people from building muscle and benefiting in other ways from nutrition and training except the magnitude and speed of muscle growth that differs by age groups.

The slow-down in the rate of muscle growth that happens with aging is due to the natural decline in testosterone that happens as men get older. Testosterone is an essential hormone that stimulates muscle growth. This is the reason lower T levels affect the rate of muscle building.

The Bottom Line

So my advice is if you are young take advantage of the opportunity to build muscle at a faster rate by beginning serious efforts to build muscle when you are around the age group 17 – 25 years old. But if you are already passed your mid-twenties, no need to worry, because you’ll still gain muscle fast once you use a good nutrition and workout program along with necessary supplementation. With the right program and guidance, you can still build muscle and get in great shape no matter how old you are. If you are just beginning to workout, you’ll become muscular faster than another person who has already been building muscle.

If you want to get started with muscle building, the most important things that you need to focus on is the right mindset and principles that will work for you to reach your goals. For safety, it’s also good to get a checkup by a Doctor before you start any high-intensity fitness programs, new to exercise or you have any health issues such as heart problems or conditions that affect your muscles or joints.