How To Lose Fat Like Jennifer Hudson And Get A Lean Body

By | December 13, 2013

Jennifer Hudson Before And After Weight Loss

One of the most talked about celebrity weight loss accomplishments is that of singer and actress Jennifer Hudson. The singer lost 80 pounds from a visibly overweight body that transformed her appearance into a lean toned physique that looks absolutely stunning. And the weight loss achievement also seemed to transform her career. Are you overweight and want to lose the excess fat like Jennifer Hudson? Well, Jennifer Hudson did it, so you can too.

How To Lose Fat Like Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson said that she has always tried to lose weight but the approaches she used, in the beginning, were not effective enough or optimal for her to successfully get the ultimate fat loss results she wanted. I think that many people can relate to this same situation. You are always trying to lose weight but your efforts are not taking you anywhere. But just like Jennifer Hudson, you have to become informed of the right principles of fat loss and start using the right approaches that work.

When Jennifer Hudson became a celebrity she started taking her weight loss efforts more seriously. She joined a popular weight loss program that helped her stick to doing the right things that gradually lose the fat and transform her body. The singer said that she had the wrong mindset about weight loss at first that caused her to use approaches that made her remain fat and overweight.

Start With Changing Your Mindset

When you are overweight and have a lot of fat to lose in order to make a full body transformation, you cannot take things lightly. You have to start with changing your mindset even before you start a diet and exercise program. You have to educate yourself about the factual principles about losing weight so that you can avoid falling for myths and ineffective approaches. You also have to put in the mental effort to develop positive habits that would help you reach maximum fat loss success.

Diet Is King

When it comes to losing body fat you should look at diet as king and exercise as queen. This means they are both very important. Many people make the horrible mistake of exercising every day to lose weight without following a proper fat loss diet plan that is structured to allow a calorie deficit to happen.

It is not just about eating less food or exercising more like many people think that leads to weight loss. You must pay attention to calorie numbers because unless you create a calorie deficit, weight loss will not happen. Different foods have different caloric content so you need to learn your body’s caloric needs and consume the right amount daily to lose weight.

Analyzing and structuring your calories to lose fat is simple. The real challenge is maintaining the calorie deficit for as long as you need to get a lean body like Jennifer Hudson. Any good weight loss program should not just instruct you on how to eat and exercise to lose weight, but it should also help you comply with the plan long term. In fact, what you want is to turn “lean body eating” into a lifestyle for life.

What Was Jennifer Hudson’s Strategy To Stick With Her Weight Loss Plan?

First, her weight loss plan was not based on severe eating restrictions. She just developed smarter, healthier eating habits which eventually allowed her to lower calories without feeling deprived. If you use a weight loss plan that makes you feel like you are starving each day, you are more likely to give up on the plan early. Secondly, she had people in her circle that provided a supportive environment that gave her more motivation and the encouragement she needed to keep going until she succeeded in losing all the pounds of fat.

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