How To Lose Fat – The Basic Principles Of Fat Loss

By | June 15, 2017

Many people want to know how to lose fat, which could be for a number of reasons such as: to become fitter, get healthier, get back in good shape or look more attractive.

Also, fat loss is very important for people who want to get a muscular or toned body. It’s important to get rid of excess fat when building muscle so that you would have a good level of muscle definition that would result in an impressive physique.

Weight Loss MeasuringIf your body has a lot more fat than it should, then this is caused by a combination of your genetics, eating habits and lifestyle choices that provide the way for your body to consistently store excess fat.

However, if you want to get rid of fat to get your body to become leaner, then this can be done by learning the basic principles of fat loss and using a good fat burning diet and exercise program that would work for you.

Just like gaining muscle mass, losing fat takes time and discipline. You must be consistently following a good fat loss program that is properly designed to fit your personal circumstances to reach success.

Below, I outline the basic principles of how to lose fat that all fat loss/weight loss plans and programs have to address.

How Excess Fat Is Stored In The Body

Although losing fat is the focus of this article it’s important to first have an understanding of how you get excess fat in the first place.

Without elaborating, you get fat anytime you consume more calories than your body burns in a day. Calories are present in different quantities in all types of foods that we eat and drink, and they provide energy for your body to do everything.

For example, a small size bar of chocolate contains a lot more calories than a big Apple. Therefore, eating lots of chocolate will result in a lot of calories accumulating in your body quickly. Any time your total daily calorie intake is more than your total daily energy expenditure, you’ll gain weight.

High Calorie Foods

    Some foods contain a lot more calories than others. Therefore, they’ll make you fat faster 

Whenever you consume lots of calories and do not use them all up (burn energy), mainly because you did not do enough physical activity, the extra calories will be stored as fat.

Consuming more calories than the amount your body needs to maintain it’s weight is also known as a calorie surplus. Normally, a calorie surplus leads to weight gain because if the body is not using up calories, it’ll store them. And unless you do proper resistance training to build muscle with the extra calories, they will be stored as fat.

To put it in a simple equation:

More calories In, less calories out = weight gain
More calories out, less calories in = weight loss
Resistance exercise plus weight gain = muscle mass gain (with possibly some fat)
Weight gain with no resistance exercise = Mostly fat stored

So the above shows that calories consumed in excess result in weight gain because the extra calories are not used up by the body. And it also shows that the only way weight gain would not be mostly fat stored is when resistance training is applied to build muscle with the extra calories.

How To Lose Fat Is To Make Use Of The Right Diet And Exercise Plan To Achieve A Calorie Deficit

A calorie deficit is a must to lose fat stored in the body. A calorie deficit simply means consuming fewer calories than the amount your body burns, and this actually is the most important factor for losing body fat. The longer your body remains in a healthy calorie deficit, the more fat you’ll burn.

How To Create A Calorie Deficit?

You create a calorie deficit by consuming fewer calories in your diet and/or exercising more to burn additional calories so that your caloric intake is less than your caloric expenditure. You first have to calculate your calorie maintenance level or total daily energy expenditure to be able to create a deficit.

When your body is not getting enough calories from your food intake to use for energy demands, it’ll start burning the fat that’s stored in your body. That’s the reason a calorie deficit is crucial to make weight loss happen.

Although the calorie deficit is the paramount factor for fat loss, there are a lot more elements that are also very important.

Some people, after learning that a calorie deficit is what they need to lose body fat, may decide to simply cut lots of calories from their diet by removing almost all foods that are high in calories and start exercising aggressively for hours every day.

This may sound like the right thing to do for losing fat fast, but it’s not the correct approach to take for long-term, sustainable fat loss and success in getting lean.

You Must Have A Good Healthy Plan To Lose Fat Correctly

The right thing to do when you want to start losing body fat is to take the time to figure out which fat loss plan is right for you by taking into consideration other factors such as maintaining good health, maintaining muscle mass, your body type, your ability to stick to the plan etc.

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Working along with a well structured, safe, suitable and effective plan to lose fat will greatly increase your chances of successfully losing the amount of body fat that you are aiming for. Choosing the right plan from the beginning will make your efforts more likely to produce positive results without negative side effects.

All fat loss programs must be structured properly to allow the users to create a calorie deficit to burn stored fat, but there are different ways of creating the deficit. A combination of proper nutrition and exercise is the best way to lose fat and get additional benefits.

Everyone’s circumstances and goals are different and would need to use the right fat loss plan that’ll work best for them. A fat loss plan can be as simple as eating less food and walking more every day or as complex as tracking every nutritional component in your diet and performing strategic cardio and weight lifting workouts.

Of course, the type of plan that you use will impact the results that you get. But don’t think about results only when considering which approach to use. Try to be objective by looking at everything that will affect you, such as your personal preferences, body type, lifestyle, schedules etc.

So on a final note, losing fat is accomplished by creating a calorie deficit and anyone can do it, but you must use the right diet and exercise program that best meet your individual needs to reach success.

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