How To Get Lean With Diet And Weight Training Only

By | December 30, 2013

Are you aiming to get lean with a diet plan and lifting weights alone, without a cardio plan. Read to find out how this should be done correctly.

getting-lean-with-diet-and-weight-training-aloneIf you do not like doing cardio as part of your fat burning workout or don’t have time for following a cardio routine, you may want to find out how to get lean with diet and weight training alone. Although cardio can greatly increase the efficiency of fat loss and create an optimal workout to get lean when combined with strength training, having a good diet plan and weight training program alone can make an effective fat loss program for most people to get lean.

It’s well known that reducing your calorie intake below your daily maintenance level will allow you to lose fat even if you are not following a fat burning workout program. However, cardio is often included in a fat loss program primarily to help accelerate the fat loss process, and weight training is included primarily to maintain and build muscle mass. But because weight training also burns calories and cardio can pose risks of muscle loss, it’s logical to argue that weight training should have a higher workout priority than cardio if the main goal is to get lean.

The Diet Plan

The same rules apply to all diets to get lean no matter the type of workout program you are using along with it. You need the calorie deficit, protein, carbs and healthy fat. You may also want to include calorie/carb cycling to get the numerous benefits produced by this strategy, including preventing metabolic slowdown, muscle gains and better diet adherence. Remember, your nutrition plan must be properly structured and consistently complied with in order to get good results no matter how perfect your training program is.

The Weight Training Program

If you are going to leave cardio out of your program to get lean and use diet and weight training only, you’ll want to optimize your weight training program to be highly effective in burning fat while maintaining muscle. In order to increase the calorie expenditure of a weight training workout you have to plan your workout to include all the right elements that will cause a higher energy cost.

weight-training-to-get-leanYou’ll have to focus on doing compound exercises that recruit large and multiple muscle groups such as deadlifts and squats. Use a variety of combination lifts and circuits. Do more work in less time by keeping your workout sessions under 60 minutes in duration. Use drop sets and supersets and keep the rest period in between exercises to a minimum. A full body workout or upper/lower body split will be the best training routine to help optimize fat loss.

The concept here is to maximize the energy cost of your weight training workout to get lean by addressing all the right variables that involves more muscle mass, burn more calories and stimulate metabolic activity. At the same time, you do not want to compromise muscle maintenance, so you must be lifting heavy to maintain or gain strength.