How To Get A Lean Ripped Body For Men

By | November 2, 2013

Lean And Ripped Male Upper BodyIt’s about time that I do an article on how to get a lean ripped body for men because I know that many guys want to get a physique that is extremely cut with a very high level of muscle definition, but don’t know what to do to actually get it.

Getting lean and ripped is accomplished by successfully losing body fat while allowing your muscles to remain in place properly. But it requires proper planning, discipline and persistence to reduce body fat to reach ripped levels. When it comes to putting together a concise plan of action to transform your body, diet and exercise are the most important factors that come into play.

You have to plan your nutrition and training properly to get lean and ripped. It’s not just losing weight indiscriminately without paying attention to what goes and what stays. Your aim should not be to lose weight to get skinny – that’s not getting ripped. You want to burn fat, hold on to your muscles and reach single digits body fat percentage to chisel out a ripped body. You’ll learn below the right approach to make this happen.

The Right Diet Plan To Get Lean And Ripped

Your diet for getting lean must meet your nutritional requirements for losing fat without losing muscle. The dietary variables will have to be tweaked to be optimal for each individual. First, your body has to be in a state of negative energy balance to lose fat, which will happen when you consume fewer calories than your body burns. This is the top nutrition rule that you have to get right and then the other variables will fit into place to make your overall nutrition plan well-structured.


The right calorie deficit for getting lean must be created from your TDEE, but it should also take your body fat level into consideration. If you are relatively lean and just want to get leaner you should not make drastic cuts to your calorie intake as it may lead to muscle loss. I recommend 250-400 calories reduction from your maintenance level if you are lean and trying to get ripped.

A person with a higher level of body fat can reduce calories lower and may not face risk of muscle loss. For such persons, I recommend a calorie cut of 500-1000 calories. But this would need to change as you get leaner.

Apart from the calorie deficit you must have the right balance of carbohydrate, protein and fat as part of your daily nutrition intake. For most people, protein should be up and fat kept low, but the carb component may have to be adjusted to fit your body type and goals.

So as long as you consistently stick with your calorie deficit everyday you’ll drop fat. And as you get leaner and leaner you’ll start seeing more muscle definition. But although the caloric deficit is the most important factor for dropping fat, there are many other important factors that come into play that usually require professional guidance to plan for. Especially when your aim is to get ripped your diet/nutrition must be planned correctly to be optimal for success.

The Workout Program To Get Lean And Ripped

Workout To Get Lean

When it comes to your workout to get lean and ripped, you’ll want to have a program that combines resistance training with cardio. Training with weights while in a calorie deficit will provide the stimulus for your body to keep your muscles while you lose fat. You must lift heavy enough to maintain or gain strength because it’s the way to make your body hold on to the muscles.

As for the cardio aspect of the workout, I recommend High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as the primary method. The reason is HIIT is the most effective cardio exercise for fat loss. Its high intensity makes it burn much more fat overall than slower cardio, and it’s also good for losing fat without muscle which is very important.