How To Get A Body Like Ciara – Lean Toned Physique For Women

By | November 15, 2013


From the onset of her career, Ciara has possessed a marvelous body. She has always maintained an ultra lean physique with good muscle tone and she is still in very good shape today. If you are a woman, you may want to know how to get a body like Ciara, because reaching the type of body composition that Ciara usually show in pictures and videos will surely make you look attractive.

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As you know, there are certain things about people’s body that’s impossible to copy, but anyone could naturally optimize their body composition to improve their body shape and looks. Getting a similar body like Ciara requires a minimal amount of body fat and a moderate amount of lean muscle. Ciara weighs approximately 130 pounds and her height is  5′ 10″. But even if you do not have the same weight and height stats like Ciara, you could copy her body composition (fat to lean mass ratio) to get that part of her look.

If you look at Ciara’s body you can see that she has very flat abs and she is toned all over. So if you want a body like the singer, your aim should be to get to a low body fat percentage and maintain your muscles. How do you do that? The simple answer is you must use a diet and exercise program that fits your specific needs. But before you select a program, you need to know where you are now and the program that is best for you to improve your shape.

Ciara Body

Determine Your Primary Goal Based On Your Body’s Present Shape

The truth is, all women cannot do the exact same things to get a body like Ciara. There are a number of factors that will require every woman to individualize their approach to get in shape, whether their primary goal is to lose fat or build muscle. If you are too skinny, you’ll obviously need to focus on adding some lean mass to your body to get a toned look like Ciara. And if you are fat, then reducing body fat should be your primary focus. However, everyone is different so you’ll need a program that is right for you.

How Your Body Type Affects Your Present Shape?

Your body type is one of the major factors that determine how fat, muscular or skinny you are naturally. It would also determine the right type of diet and workout program that is right for you to transform your body.

Ciara Pics

Ciara’s body type allows her to stay lean easily. Therefore, her workout and diet plan is designed for keeping body fat low and maintaining muscles. Ciara also does lots of stage performances that require agility, flexibility and endurance. So her workout plan must also be designed to maximize conditioning for these requirements.

The Diet Plan And Workout

Speaking about her diet, Ciara said that she doesn’t follow restrictive dieting. She enjoys eating food, but at the same time, she maintains balance with her diet. For Ciara, simply maintaining a balance and healthy diet is all she needs because she only wants to maintain her weight and body composition.

But even if you want to lose fat, you do not have to starve yourself to do so. You must create a caloric deficit to lose weight, but you can do that while eating the good foods that you love. And if you want to accelerate your fat loss rate, there are various effective fat burning workouts that will allow you to do that. You don’t need to lower calories to the point of starvation to lose fat effectively. In fact, doing that may result in consequences that could cause problems.


When it comes to her workout program, Ciara and her personal trainer focus on strength and conditioning workouts so that the singer maintains a body that is lean, toned and capable of optimal performance on stage or in her music video shoots. Everyone would need to use a workout program that is tailored for them based on their goals, body type and personal preferences.

Cardio is important to help accelerate fat loss, and strength training is necessary to maintain and build muscle. Most people would need to structure their workout program with both cardio and strength training to get lean and toned properly.

The conclusion is, to get a body like Ciara you don’t have to do the same things that Ciara does. Because Ciara is already lean and toned her workout and diet is aimed at maintaining her body composition and conditioning for dancing and singing. What you need to do is get a diet and exercise plan that is right for you, especially for your specific goals and body type.