How To Build Lean Muscle Mass: Tips For Success

By | August 12, 2013

Lean Muscle MaleLean muscle mass simply means muscle that doesn’t have a high level of fat with it. Since body fat is not healthy and also creates a less attractive look for your physique, it’s very important to learn how to gain lean muscle when you are trying to get a muscular body.

How To Build Lean Muscle Mass?

The way to build lean muscle is to do what is required to gain weight but follow the right principles and procedures to make sure that the weight you are putting on is muscle with minimal fat.

And it’s not just avoiding getting fat when gaining muscle that leads to lean muscle mass, you’ll also need to lower your body fat percentage if it is too high by losing fat without losing muscle.

Some people may possess some high levels of excess fat before they start building muscle. If that’s the case with you, then you may have to go on a fat loss program first to get at an improved level of leanness before you start aggressively eating to gain muscle.

The key to building lean muscle is to get the right balance between gaining muscle effectively and minimizing body fat without losing existing muscle. This greatly depends on the way in which your nutrition plan is set out and the structure of your workout program.

But it’s also very important that any program that you are using to get lean muscle allows you to customize your nutrition and training to address your individual circumstances.

A Number Of Factors Have To Be Addressed That Differ Among Individuals

A very important issue that affects just about every fitness goal people may have, that I believe is oftentimes overlooked, is doing what is needed to address your own individual attributes. If you look around you’ll realize that we as humans are different in many ways, and the fact is, some of these differences would affect our fitness goals.

We have different genetics, ages, genders, body type and body development levels that are just some of the factors that’ll determine which plan is right for you to gain lean muscle mass.

How To Get The Right Balance Between Building Muscle And Getting Lean

When your goal is to build muscle and get lean, you cannot neglect one for the other because you’ll not get the final outcome you want. Unfortunately, not working with the proper balance between gaining muscle and minimizing fat is one of the biggest reasons some people do not get the lean muscular body that they desire.

Creating the right balance between gaining muscle and reducing body fat can sometimes be a bit tricky, but this can be simplified with strategies and methods that are proven to work for building muscle fast while keeping body fat at a low level.

There are many different ideas out there on what is the best approach to use when you want to build muscle and get rid of body fat. But the truth is there really isn’t a specific approach or program that works for everyone the same way equally.

There are many different methods that works well for accomplishing different fitness goals, but their effectiveness depends on who is using them, how well they are implemented and how properly they are complied with by the user.

How To Build Lean Muscle Mass – Proven Approaches

1. Optimizing Your Nutritional Plan For Your Body Type To Build Muscle Without Gaining Fat

A once common way of eating to build muscle is “bulking up” with as much calories as possible, followed by a fat loss phase called cutting to get lean. This approach is still used in certain bodybuilding circles, but bulking up with fat is a bad approach when you want to build lean muscle mass and look good at the time.

The practice of mindlessly consuming large amounts of calories adds much more excess fat to your body which is oftentimes difficult to get rid of. For that reason, many people who chose to bulk up to gain muscle get stuck with a high body fat percentage and never get lean enough to look well-defined.

An alternative approach to get your calories and macronutrients that you need to build muscle effectively without getting chubby in the process is to establish the right calorie intake to build muscle that is right for your specific body type and other individual elements to build muscle properly while adding very little or no fat. 

There are 3 main body types which have different traits and require different nutrition plans to gain muscle.

Therefore, addressing your body type, also known as somatotyping, by providing to it the right amount of calories and the right combination of macronutrients it needs to build muscle is a great strategy to keep your gains lean.

2. Cycling Your Calories

Cycling between high calorie intake and low calorie intake is another good strategy to build lean muscle mass that is proven to work. This strategy is aimed at making sure that you get the increase in calories necessary to gain muscle but at the same time minimize extra calories that’ll turn to fat.

This strategy also has another benefit that is great for increasing fat loss. The shift in calorie intake helps keep the metabolism up and running at optimum rate so that it is always working to regulate fat in the body.

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