How Brad Pitt Got In Shape For Fight Club And Workout Tips

By | January 25, 2016

Brad Pitt In Fight Club

Brad Pitt is a popular actor who played roles in over 50 films since 1987 when he started his movie career. However, one of the roles that got Brad Pitt worldwide attention for his body is the role of Tyler Durden in the movie Fight Club, released in 1999.

In Fight Club, Brad Pitt was not very muscular but he had an exceptionally low level of body fat that created a nice lean and ripped look, as seen in his shirtless scenes of the movie. And because Brad Pitt has long been a star who is known to greatly impress and attract women with his physical appearance, many guys wanted to get this look as well.

Even though it has been many years since Fight Club came out, lots of guys today are still interested in that slim and toned look that Brad Pitt displayed in Fight Club.

These are the guys who want to get in shape but do not want to put on too much muscle mass to get huge or bulky. Therefore, that type of slim, toned physique that Brad Pitt had in Fight Club is an ideal look for them to aim for.

What Did Brad Pitt Do To Get In Shape For Fight Club?

Honestly, I do not know the exact workout routine and diet plan Brad Pitt used to build his body for Fight Club. But right now, I’m going to give my assumptions from a real world perspective on the workout and diet Brad Pitt used to get this lean and toned look for Fight Club, which would help you choose or structure a good program to get in similar shape.

Brad Pitt Shirtless Scene In Fight Club

The Weight Training Routine 

So since Brad Pitt’s muscles were not very big or swollen in the movie, just ultra-lean to reveal a nice tone, it’s an obvious sign that he did not spend a long time on building muscle mass.

Before filming Fight Club, Brad Pitt was not fat at all. He was always naturally lean, which is a characteristic of the ectomorph body type (people who don’t gain weight easily). So I think that Brad Pitt’s diet and workout program was focused more on muscle gains to build up a small to moderate amount of lean muscle, more than it was about fat loss. If his program was primarily focused on losing fat, then he would have gained some noticeable muscle while dropping fat.

If you want to gain muscle size you must lift heavy weights with sufficient sets and reps and remain consistent with your training. There must be some degree of muscle damage from each workout session and enough recovery time for significant growth to happen.

It’s not easy to gain so much muscle that you become too big overnight. So you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting too huge. But what you need to pay attention to is the way your body responds to the “big lifts” such as deadlifts and squats.

These exercises are known as compound movements that develop muscle in multiple body parts. These exercises are very important for building muscle, especially for beginners, but some guys body may develop disproportionately according to the way they perform these weight training exercises.

Some persons may add a large percentage of their hard earned or beginner gains in body parts where they do not need it, which may result in a look you do not like or it may take you much longer to build the type of lean muscular body you want.

The Diet Plan

Diet is a very crucial component for achieving any body composition related goal. There are certain fundamental nutrition laws that have to be adhered to by everyone for gaining muscle and losing fat.

A caloric surplus and a sufficient amount of protein with balance fat and carbohydrate is very important for anyone who wants to gain muscle. If your diet is not structured with these important components, your weight lifting workout will not produce desired results. As I said, I believe Brad Pitt’s program was primarily focused on lean gains so his nutrition would’ve needed to be structured for this, which is most importantly a calorie surplus and balanced macronutrients.

Losing fat is at the other end of the calorie spectrum. You need to burn more calories than you are consuming (calorie deficit) to lose fat. However, getting lean is not just about losing fat.

You must also make sure that you are not losing muscle whenever you are in your fat loss phase so that you’ll have muscles to show and look good when the fat is gone. It’s the right way to get lean muscle and look ripped. All you have to do to avoid muscle loss is simply include the right nutrition and training principles in your fat loss program.


Many people estimate that Brad Pitt was ripped in Fight Club at around 6% body fat. Anyone who wants to lose fat to get to such low body fat percentage needs to apply all or most of the principles of losing fat without losing muscle.

The Cardio Routine

Most people who have some excess fat to lose to get ripped like Brad Pitt in Fight Club would need to include cardio training in their program.  Some people could get lean or ripped by simply structuring their nutrition for fat loss combined with lifting weights alone, no cardio. But diet and weight training alone may not be optimal for everyone to get lean efficiently.

If your circumstances require you to use cardio to lose fat at the optimum rate, I would recommend high intensity interval training (HITT) as the cardio method. If you are not able to do HIIT, then moderate to intense steady state could also be effective.

I cannot tell you how long or how many days you should workout because everyone is different and need to plan their workout to fit their specific situation and individual needs. This is why you would benefit tremendously from using a good program to get lean because you’ll be guided to customize your diet and training to fit your individual preferences and needs to lose fat the right way.

So in conclusion, If you are a skinny guy with no excess body fat and you want Brad Pitt’s Fight Club body, then all you have to do is focus on building lean muscle to gain an average amount of mass like the actor. If you have a large amount of fat to lose, then focus on losing fat without losing muscle until you start seeing good muscle definition. If the muscle you are seeing is not sufficient then start working on getting some more lean muscle by using the right approach to not get bulky, such as what is used in the Visual Impact for men program.

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