How To Get Megan Fox Body Shape – The Right Workout And Diet Approach

By | September 3, 2014

Megan Fox Body Shape 5She is a popular actress known for films such as “Transformers”, “Ninja Turtles” and “Jennifer’s Body” but what people really want to know is how to get Megan Fox body shape?

To get to where you want in terms of a physique transformation, it’s important to understand what workout and diet plan that is best to work with for someone like you. When it comes to transforming your body shape, the general aim should be losing fat and building/preserving muscle. The level of focus your program should have on fat and muscle would be determined by your present body shape and the shape you want to get into.

Examining Megan Fox Body Shape

So if you want a body like Megan Fox one of the first things you have to do is understand Megan Fox’s body shape and the elements involved in getting and maintaining a body like that. Megan is very lean and toned, which basically means she doesn’t possess a lot of body fat but she has some muscle in place to look fit and healthy.

Megan Fox Body Shape 1

The first factor that determines Megan Fox body shape is her genetics. She has a fast metabolism, so she doesn’t store excess fat as easily as a woman with a lower metabolic rate. Metabolism plays a great role in determining the body composition (fat to muscle ratio) of every individual, but it would not stop you from getting the good body shape you want if you work towards it. A fast metabolism, though beneficial for helping a person stay lean, would not stop you from getting out of shape if you allow your lifestyle and eating habits to get out of control.

Megan Fox Body Shape 2

This brings us to the second factor that determines Megan Fox’s and everyone else’s body shape – the way that she eats and exercise. It doesn’t matter what type of genetics that nature gave you if you commit yourself to the right workout and diet plan you can attain and maintain a body of good shape. In Megan Fox’s case, she has good genetics and follows a suitable fitness regime which is what gives her that stunning body she is known for.

Megan Fox workout routine and diet plan

Megan Fox workout routine and diet plan are geared towards keeping her body fat percentage low, but her body also has good tone instead of being completely skinny. The main difference between getting skinny and getting lean is whether you losing or maintaining muscle. (Click here to see 3 common diet mistakes women make)

Megan Fox Body Shape 4

Yes, the type of workout and diet program that you follow will determine what happens to your muscles. Through diet and exercise, you can either lose, maintain and gain muscle. Megan Fox’s personal trainer incorporates the right strength training exercises in her program to preserve her lean muscle to look lean and toned without bulk while burning excess fat. You’ll need to include strength training in your program if you want to get toned.

What Should You Do To Get A Body Shape Like Megan Fox?

The right approach to getting Megan Fox’s body shape would be determined by factors that are specific to you such as your present shape, body composition, and genetics. If you are not lucky to have a fast metabolism like Megan Fox you’ve got to really watch your caloric intake and be diligent about fat burning exercises to keep your body fat percentage low.

Megan Fox On Set Of 'TMNT'

Along with working on reaching and maintaining a low body fat percentage, you also have to focus on gaining strength to maintain muscle and get toned. Your program should have a good strength training routine as well as balance protein, carb and fat in the diet for maintaining muscle and even gaining muscle where necessary. If you want a good program to guide you to get a lean feminine body like Megan Fox I recommend Metabolic Renewal

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