Gaining Weight: Muscle Vs Fat

By | November 7, 2013

Many men and women who think that their body looks a bit too low in mass or too scrawny would want to gain weight to look fuller, curvier, bigger or more toned. However, many people gain the wrong kind of body mass when they put on weight and size.

                                     Muscle Mass Vs Fat Mass

Gaining weight is basically produced by a calorie surplus, which means consuming more calories than your body burns in a day. When you consume a certain amount of calories from food in a day that is above the amount your body needs to function, these excess calories become a calorie surplus. The excess calories will then primarily be stored by the body as fat. The more excess calories your body stores the more weight you’ll gain.

But excess calories don’t always have to be stored as fat. They can also be used by the body to build muscle when you are following a muscle building program. If you are doing weight training with progressive overload and your calorie intake includes a surplus with sufficient protein you’ll gain muscle from at least some of the excess calories. And building muscle will also result in weight gain.

So as you can see weight gain can be two different types of body mass: muscle and fat. But the truth is, it’s much easier to gain fat than muscle.

However, more muscle with less fat is the right way to gain weight. To gain fat, you simply have to randomly eat a lot of food that has a high caloric content and avoid burning all off by reducing your activity level. On the other hand, gaining muscle requires proper weight training and balance nutrition. But, there is no doubt that gaining muscle, not fat, is the right way to gain weight.

Why Muscle Is So Much More Valuable Than Fat

Most people want to gain weight to look better with a fuller, more well-shaped physique. But muscle will always look better than fat on anyone with any type of physique (male or female).

According to Tom Vernuto in his book Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle “fat fills in all the lines and “cuts” that separate each distinct muscle group. It covers up your muscles with a thick layer of spongy insulation, obscuring the definition below and adding a round, soft and doughy quality to your entire body. Muscle is what makes your body solid, chiseled and athletic-looking”

Also, if your body fat level goes up too high it could increase your risks of getting some serious diseases and health problems. But gaining muscle will provide a number of benefits to your health and body apart from just good looks.

With that said, if you want to gain weight your goal should be to build muscle, not gain fat. The more muscle and less fat you have, the better it’ll be for your body.