Floyd Mayweather Abs Workout – Get A Six Pack Like A Fighter

By | August 27, 2017

Mayweather Abs Workout

We all know Floyd Mayweather is ranked as one of the greatest boxers of all time. After defeating Conor McGregor in what he said is his last fight, Mayweather now holds a historic record of 50-0 with 27 knockouts. But another thing that is impressive about Floyd Mayweather as a fighter is his nicely sculpted six pack abs.

Unlike his undefeated record, impressive abs are not something that is unique to Floyd Mayweather. If you look at most fighters in boxing and MMA, both men and women, you’ll see that they have lean and strong bodies with well-sculpted midsections. Even trained fighters outside of sports such as infantry soldiers and SWAT operators are also known for possessing amazing abs.

One main reason why fighters have some of the most desired abs in the world is their training.

Floyd Mayweather And Conor McGregor

The type of workouts fighters do is guaranteed to give them nice abs and a fit body. And the crazy thing is getting six pack abs is not the priority of a fighter’s workout. Aesthetics come as a result of their special and effective type of workouts for performance.

How Fighters Train Their Abs

What you should know is fighters don’t train their abs like everyone else that are working out for nice abs. They train their entire body for strength, power, injury resistance, mobility etc that will benefit them during a fight.

If you are a fighter, one area of your body you going to receive constant blows to is your midsection. Therefore, you have to train your abdominals to be really strong and dense.

“Without a strong core, fighters cannot do what they do”.

According to Andrew Raposo, Fitness Trainer and Two Time Provincial Gold Medalist in boxing, “Fighters have to produce large amounts of power in their strikes, and core strength is the central source of this power and athleticism”.

But just because fighters train their abs for performance over looks does not mean that ordinary people who want nice abs should not follow a similar abs workout as a fighter. In fact, as an ordinary person, it is better to use an abs workout approach like fighters if you want to get fantastic abs. Why? Simply because the training is a lot more effective than typical abs workouts.

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Floyd Mayweather Abs Workout Video

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Sample Abs Workout

Here is a sample Abs Workout from Andrew. It involves focusing on lower reps, concentrating on bracing the abs, and working the core as a whole. And the best part is that you won’t need one piece of equipment. So you can do this workout anywhere including the comfort of your own living room.

The Bulletproof Ab Circuit

  • Hardstyle Plank – 10 Sec x3
  • Long Plank Walkouts – 5 Reps
  • Long Plank Armpit Touches – 5 Reps Each Side
  • Box Plank – 10 Reps Each Side
  • Rest 60 Sec
  • Repeat for a total of 3-4 rounds.
  • If it’s your first time doing this circuit, start with three rounds and work your way up to four.

Hardstyle Plank

  • Start in a plank position on your elbows.
  • Make sure there is a straight line from your head to toes.
  • Keep your hands away from each other.
  • Squeeze your abs, glutes, quads, and fists as hard as you can.
  • Drive your elbows to your toes as hard as you can.
  • Hold this tension for 10 seconds and then rest for 5 seconds.
  • Repeat this two more times.

Long Plank Walkouts

  • Get into the top of a push up position.
  • Walk your hands forward until they are above your head while keeping your abs braced.
  • Walk your hands back into the top of a push up position.
  • Prevent the hips from swaying side to side when performing the movement.

Long Plank With Armpit Touch

  • Get into the top of a push up position.
  • Walk your hands forward until they are above your head.
  • Keeping the abs braced, touch the opposite armpit.
  • Repeat the movement, alternating sides for the prescribed reps/time.
  • Prevent the hips from swaying side to side when performing the movement.

Fighter Abs Workout Video With Andrew Raposo

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