How Bodybuilders Get Lean And Cut

By | January 21, 2014

Bodybuilder Lean Muscular BodyBodybuilders are some of the leanest and most muscular human beings on the planet. Although some bodybuilders are very big and bulky, many of them have ideal lean muscular physiques that some people could target to get in shape.

But even if you don’t want to have a bodybuilder-type physique, instead you just want to look lean and toned, you’ll still benefit greatly if you learn the principles bodybuilders use to lean out, get cut and sculpt their body in amazing ways.

How Bodybuilders Lose Fat To Lean Out

Bodybuilders Nutrition To Get Lean – Not Much Different From What Applies To Everyone Else

All bodybuilders must follow the fundamental nutrition laws to lose fat no matter their training experience and body development level. A nutrition program to lose fat must be customized to fit each individual’s specific needs, but the basic principles of fat loss nutrition remains the same for everyone.

The caloric deficit is paramount, there must be a proper balance of the 3 macronutrients; lean protein in every meal, a moderate amount of healthy fats, plenty of fiber, a good post workout meal and drinking lots of water. Most bodybuilders also use the 5-6 meals per day approach which has been shown to produce good benefits for getting lean.

Bodybuilders Training Program To Get Lean – Vary Slightly Based On Experience Level

Weight Training

For weight training, beginner bodybuilders usually use full body workout routines and focus on compound, multi joint exercises to maintain and build muscle while getting lean. But advance bodybuilders with developed physiques will almost always do their weight training on a split routine with body part groupings.


Bodybuilders will focus on getting rid of the fat with nutrition and cardio, while using the weights primarily as a tool for maintaining and building muscle mass. However, weight training burns calories whether it’s optimized for maximum fat burning effects or not.

You do not have to become a bodybuilder to use some of their approaches to get lean. One of the things that bodybuilders have mastered more than any other group in the world is losing fat without losing muscle. And this is the outcome that everyone should aim for whenever you are trying to get in shape by losing fat.

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