Do You Need Supplements To Build Muscle?

By | July 2, 2017

Do you need supplements to build muscle? This is an important question that many beginners and intermediates need the right answer to.

Let us take a closer look at this hot-button topic.

Never mind the marketing hype behind the hundreds of muscle building supplements that are available out there; the real question is “do we really need muscle building supplements to make gains?”

The answer is quite simple once you take the word “need” in its true meaning which is “to require (something) because it is essential or very important”. We know the things that are required to build muscle: proper nutrition, resistance training, and progressive overload. These are the fundamentals you need to build muscle no matter your experience level.

So is supplementing something that you need in order to experience gains in size and strength?

The straight answer: No they are not required to gain muscle!

The supplement companies that claim the opposite are simply trying to increase their revenues, so it’s up to you to realize that you do not need supplements to gain muscle fast or become stronger.

If you focus on eating adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fats while training at full intensity, you will see impressive gains in your strength and muscle size.

If you think you need supplements to gain muscle, you are mistaken. That’s the whole truth. Gains in strength and muscle mass are possible without them.

Should You Avoid Using Muscle Building Supplements?

So given these circumstances, should you avoid using supplements to aid muscle gain? Nope. There is something more to consider.

Supplements do help bodybuilders and other athletes gain muscle mass and strength. And if you are trying to get really strong and muscular you should without a doubt incorporate the right muscle building supplements in your program.

Even though you don’t need supplements to build muscle, they certainly are useful if your goal is to become as muscular and strong as you possibly can. If you choose to use one or more good muscle gain supplement in your program combined with proper nutrition and training, you will definitely see more gains as compared to a person who chooses to go without supplements. This would especially happen if you invest in the correct products and take them in the right amounts.

Most people who are serious about building muscle dedicate a lot of time to training for building their body. Considering the amount of time and effort you would spend working out at the gym or at home, it only makes sense to spend a few bucks on the right muscle building supplements to maximize your gains.

You should ask yourself: am I willing to make use of the right supplements that can give me the edge in achieving my goal of building lean muscle fast?

After all, if the cost of a big jar of creatine can boost your strength at the gym, why not? If that tub of whey protein simplifies your meal preparation, then you should go for it.

What Are The Most Useful Supplements To Gain Muscle?

Of course, you are aware that muscle building supplements come in different types, meaning they contain different ingredients that provide different benefits. In order to choose the supplement products that would benefit you the most, you need to learn the ingredients that are used as muscle building supplements.

Supplements To Build Muscle Image 1

Below are some of the most useful supplements that are recommended for anyone who is looking for maximum muscle gain:

1. Protein powder – Protein supplements are a convenient option to assist you in consuming the protein necessary for consistent muscle growth.

2. Creatine – Supplementing with creatine makes your muscle cells have significantly higher levels of readily available energy.

3. Multivitamin and multimineral formula – The reason for the Multivitamin is to avoid nutritional deficiencies. Multivitamin supplements can help make sure your body is provided with all the nutrients it needs for good health that you may not be getting from the foods on your eating plan.

4. Pre-workout Supplements – Pre-workout supplements give you an edge in the gym. Pre-workouts contain caffeine, B vitamin, and nitric oxide – all of these help increase blood flow to the muscle and increase energy levels to be able to train harder for longer. (Click to learn how to get a trial of the explosive pre-workout supplement VolcaNO)

These type of supplements help in strengthening your body, increase your fat burning capability, and add to your lean muscle mass. Always keep in mind that there are a lot of worthless supplements—but these mentioned above will keep you on track as they have a proven track record and are well worth the cost.

So remember, muscle building supplements are not absolutely necessary to build muscle and gain strength. But they are very useful if you want the maximum possible muscle gain. If you want to get serious about reaching your muscle-building goals, look into these recommended supplements to get that extra edge.