Diet To Lose Fat Fast Without Severe Calorie Restriction

By | September 10, 2013

Illustration for diet plans to lose fat fast without severe caloric resrtictionCan you lose fat fast with a diet plan that is based on extremely low calorie intake? Yes. Is such diet good to lose fat on the long term? No. Here’s why

It’s proven that in the beginning of use, very low calorie diets will produce quick weight loss results. The problem is however when calories are too low in a diet plan it eventually starts creating a number of negative effects for the user that may be counterproductive to fat loss success.

It’s known that reducing calories in your diet is an important part of losing fat, but you don’t need to use very low calorie diets to lose fat effectively.

With correct guidelines and limitations, very low calorie diet plans can be suitable for use by obese and extremely overweight people.

But if you want a sustainable diet to get lean, keep your muscles and maintain healthy long term eating habits, very low calorie diet plans may not be the right option for you. Or they should always be used with good rationale and precaution.

Severe caloric restriction could start causing a number of negative consequences in days to weeks of starting a very low calorie eating plan. Your metabolism will get slower, your body will get weaker and you start losing muscle mass.

It’s hard to stay on a diet that restricts food intake to a great degree for a long period of time. It gets difficult to stay on your diet when your body starts activating it’s starvation responses in metabolic, hormonal, and psychological ways. Isn’t it much better to use a fat loss diet that will eliminate all negative effects while allowing you to succeed at getting lean?

How Do You Diet To Lose Fat Fast Without Severe Calorie Restriction?

First of all let me say that losing weight fast and losing fat fast are two different things. Reduction in body weight through diet and exercise could be the result of loss of fat, muscle and water. Losing weight could be a combination of the three.

The best way to lose weight of course is by burning all the excess fat and keeping all your lean body mass. This approach is much better for both health and body aesthetics. Dropping body fat only when losing weight is also a good approach that will allow you to keep the weight off permanently.

With that said, losing body fat without muscle will happen at a much slower rate than if you were losing muscle and water along with it.

Losing fat in a safe and healthy way needs to happen gradually. 1-3 pounds per week is a good rate that will ensure your lean body mass is retained. However, at this rate if you are losing fat optimally and consistently you will reach your goal in due time without any negative side effects.

This is the type of outcome you have to aim for to lose fat fast. Any other approach that produces the negative consequences that we talked about above should be avoided even even if they promise faster weight loss. That’s because the undesired side effects will outweigh the potential benefits of the rapid weight loss.

Would it make a lot of sense to lose ten pounds in a week and regain it all back soon after? Or would it be any good if you start losing weight rapidly from an extremely low calorie diet for the first few days but have to get off it and start eating normal again because the negative effects are too much for you to bear?

So losing fat fast is all about consistency and getting the right type of results until you reach your goals.

Which Diet Plan Will Lose Fat Gradually Without Negative Side Effects?

No one diet plan works equally for everyone but there are a few general guidelines that everyone can use to find the right diet to lose fat without the wrong outcomes. A calorie deficit that is not aggressive will make fat loss happen without creating the wrong effects on your body.

You will also want to make sure that you are getting a healthy combination of macronutrients in your meals. And to help you comply with your diet long time it should have a variety of food choices that you enjoy.

There are a few instances as to when people can use low calorie diets to lose fat and not experience any of the negative effects that comes with it, at least in the early stages. Such as, if you are overweight or obese you may eat very low calorie and do well with it for a certain period of time.  But when you get down to a lower body fat level, the low calories eating plan will start working against you.

If you want to have the best diet plan to lose weight fast, the diet should be tailored to your needs and goals so that it can be optimal. 

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