Diet Strategies To Lose Fat And Build Muscle – Tips For Beginners

By | January 3, 2014

Proper nutrition is a very important aspect of improving body composition. So if you want to to lose fat and build muscle you must learn the right nutrition principles and use an optimal diet that will best fit your circumstances and produce your desired outcome.

First of all, it’s possible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time but this requires proper planning, it takes more time and most likely there would not be a one to one results ratio if both are happening at the same time. The two goals are incompatible in some key areas.

But if you want to aim for both goals at the same time, the best approach is to have either one as your primary goal and the other as your secondary goal.

In order to achieve optimal body composition improvement – less fat and more muscle, the right idea is to incorporate all the methods and strategies in your nutrition plans for both fat loss and muscle gain that’s aimed at reducing fat while preserving muscle (you may gain some muscle as well) and gaining muscle without fat (you may lose some fat as well). So eventually when all these benefits are combined they will produce one big outcome – a lean muscular body.

Diet Plan To Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle (And gain some muscle)

If you have a lot of fat to lose you should focus on getting rid of the fat first before you begin a program primarily focused on building lean muscle. You don’t have to cut the fat right down to ripped level before switching your primary objective, but just get lean enough to where you’ll be able to see some of your muscle.

But remember, although your primary focus is fat loss, your diet and training program for this phase should be structured to preserve muscle and gain some muscle. To make this possible you’ll need to include a moderate and controlled calorie deficit, include calorie cycling and do proper strength training.

Diet Plan To Build Muscle Without Fat (And Lose Some Fat)

Now once you are at a lean level of body fat, you can now focus on primarily building muscle while staying lean and getting leaner. Using a moderate calorie surplus, incorporating calorie cycling and lifting properly for progressive overload would allow you to build muscle without fat, and also lose some fat. If you are getting these results steadily you’ll increase your lean muscle mass and reduce your body fat level overtime to reach a very good body composition.

So the idea for losing fat and building muscle is to have one goal as your primary focus at different periods, but at the same time you should incorporate the right methods that will produce some net results that will help with achieving the other goal faster in less time.