Why Do Women Like David Beckham’s Body Even Though He Is Not Very Muscular?

By | December 19, 2013

David-Bechkam-BodyI will not describe David Beckham’s body as very muscular. His level of muscularity is not great and he doesn’t have a lot of muscle definition. Despite that, women all over the world are crazy about this guy’s physique. Why is this so?

It’s well known that David Beckham is one of the greatest soccer players in the world, but many women also agree that Beckham has one of the most admirable body among all male celebrities today. The football star is usually seen shirtless and in boxers alone in both photo and video advertisements, which is one of the reasons his body is always in the spotlight.

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David Beckham Chose To Be Lean Without Big Muscles?

Looking at David Beckham’s body, you’ll not see a large amount of muscle but he is very lean, athletic and nicely toned. This type of physique is ideal for the sport of soccer. That’s the reason Beckham intentionally chose to avoid becoming heavily muscular. He wanted to be in optimal condition for the sport that he plays.

When it comes to a sport like soccer, big muscles is not in high demand. In fact, too much muscle would make you slower and less effective on the field. What soccer players need is maximum conditioning for speed and endurance to play their game well.

But make no mistake about it, David Beckham’s workout program includes a certain amount of weight training. You see, one can lift weights to build strength and increase conditioning without increasing muscle size. That’s because different protocols in weight training can lead to different outcomes. If you structure your program for it, you can lift weights and get stronger or increase endurance without gaining muscle mass.

Why Women Love David Beckham’s Body Despite His Minimal Muscle Mass?

David Beckham LA Galaxy

Even though David Beckham does not possess a great amount of muscle and physique definition, women still find him to be very attractive because he is lean and toned. A lean, toned physique would always look good in the eyes of women because there is no excess fat to make you look soft, round and unattractive. I think that, overall, women like to see men looking slender even if they possess a good amount of muscle. Getting huge and bulky with thick muscle all over your body may actually be a turn-off for many women. So it’s good to be sure of your goals and aim for the body that you want.

A physique like David Beckham’s is not ideal for me because I like exceptional muscle definition and a ripped look. So I aim for a good amount of muscle without becoming overly muscular along with a body fat level of 6-10 percent. But some guys may find a physique like David Beckham’s suitable for them depending on their circumstances and goals. You can get a lean, toned physique by losing fat without losing muscle. If you are skinny, then just putting on a few pounds of lean muscle in the right places on your body could significantly transform your look.

The problem is, there are not many fitness programs out there that are designed specifically to build muscle for the purpose of getting “just lean and toned” or “a nice look”.

But there are a few good exceptions that show you how to train for building a toned body without a massive amount of untargeted muscle growth. These programs work with a strategic approach and customizable routine to help you build muscle and avoid getting a look you do not want.