Daniel Craig James Bond Workout And Diet – From Casino Royale To Sky Fall

By | November 16, 2013

Daniel Craig In Sky FallWhat is the Daniel Craig James Bond Workout and diet plan that he used to get his body for the spectacular James Bond look and how to get a body like Daniel Craig in James Bond? This is what you are about to find out in this article.

Daniel Craig is the reigning actor who portrays James Bond 007 and he has been doing so since 2006 in Casino Royale where he made is debut as the tough British Secret Service agent. Adding in Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, Daniel Craig already has 3 James Bond films under his belt and his 4th, Bond 24 is expected to come out in 2015.

If you are impressed by Daniel Craig’s lean muscular body in any one of his James Bond movies you’ll want to know that the actor didn’t get this body by chance. Daniel Craig used an appropriate workout and diet plan to get into good shape to play James Bond 007 when he started playing the character in Casino Royale. 

Getting In Shape For His First James Bond Movie

The Daniel Craig Workout and diet to get in shape for his first James Bond Film, Casino Royale was focused on both building muscle and losing fat. Craig wasn’t skinny or overweight before he started training, but he needed to improve his fat to muscle ratio to look muscular and cut. Many guys are in this same situation. Their total body mass is not too low or too high, but their body composition needs improvement.

Daniel Craig used a workout and diet plan that allowed him to reduce fat and increase muscle at the same time. This helped tremendously shorten the time he spent working to get the right lean muscular body he wanted. But it’s important to note that losing fat and building muscle at the same time is a somewhat complicated fitness endeavor. The reason is there is a major incompatibility between fat loss and muscle gain. The caloric requirement is at opposite ends of the spectrum (surplus and deficit) because losing fat is catabolic and building muscle is anabolic.

Despite that, good program design and proper compliance can allow you to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time if you need to. But it’s recommended to approach aiming for this outcome by having one as a primary goal and the other as the secondary goal.

If your workout and diet program is primarily focus on losing fat but you include all the right elements that would maintain and build muscle during the process, then you’ll get some net muscle building results during each workout that may be very significant at the end of the program. The same thing goes for when your primary goal is building muscle without gaining fat. You can get some good fat loss results during the process of building muscle as long as you have the right workout and diet program to work with.

In Daniel Craig’s case his primary goal was to add muscle, but he used an optimal workout and diet program that allowed him to build muscle mass while cutting some of the excess fat. 

Daniel Craig As James Bond 007 In Skyfall

Daniel Craig James Bond Workout To Build Muscle And Lose Fat

To reduce fat and build muscle to get into top physical shape in the shortest time possible for Casino Royale, Daniel Craig workout program was structured with a weight training routine that was designed to optimize the fat burning effects from the workout. It incorporated circuit training which is a great workout method that produces simultaneous cardiovascular and strength benefits. Any form of resistance training would have muscle impact and burn calories, but circuit training can be optimized to get good results of both at the same time.

Circuit training involves doing one exercise to another with little rest between the sets. Minimizing rest periods between sets of weight lifting exercises is a good strategy to maximize the energy cost of the workout which will result in more calories burned. So it’s like incorporating cardio with weight training. This would tremendously save time during the workout because you are doing more work in less time due to the decrease in rest periods. And you are also burning more fat while you build muscle which will help you get the lean muscular body that you want faster.

Daniel Craig did a 5-days-per-week workout. He did a full-body circuit training workout on Monday and Friday. For the other days (Wednesday to Thursday) he did a body part split that hit separate muscle groups.

Daniel Craig Diet Plan

Daniel Craig had a good workout program for simultaneous fat loss and muscle building, but he would not have gotten any good results if his diet wasn’t good. It is said that diet would account for at least 80% of your body transformation success. The reason is, no matter how perfect your workout is if your calories, macronutrients and meal timing is not what it’s suppose to be, your body would not change even if your workout was excellent.

It’s even more critical to follow the right nutrition principles when you are trying to get both fat loss and muscle building results from the same program. Daniel Craig had a well-structured diet plan that he complied with properly which allowed his body to transform into more muscle and less fat in an efficient manner.

His diet was based on a balance of proteins, carbs and fats. And most importantly, he controlled his calories properly. Like everyone else he needed a calorie surplus to gain muscle, but because he was trying to get lean as well, he manipulated his carbs intake which is simply a technique to control and cycle calories. Doing this would allow you to lose fat with the same program you are building muscle with as long as you include all the other necessary elements like sufficient protein and weight training with progressive overload.

What To Do To Get In Shape Like Daniel Craig?

So it can be seen that the Daniel Craig’s workout and diet plan for getting his James Bond 007 body is all about building muscle while reducing fat. As I said, if your aim is to lose fat and build muscle like Daniel Craig you should approach it by having one as your primary goal but at the same time using the right type of program to get concurrent fat loss and muscle building results.