Combat Bundle Review – Everything to Achieve Your Goals In One Place

By | November 8, 2014

combat bundle review

Combat Bundle is the latest bundle sale from fitness experts Todd Kuslikis and Funk Roberts. One of the things that make this product interesting is it features 72 complete fitness systems contributed by 70 of the biggest names in the fitness, workout, nutrition and combat sports. Even more, the price for the entire package is a mere $39.00 dollars when it’s true value is around $1,774.90. But this offer is available for only the next 2 days (It ends on November 10th 2014).

The guides and programs in the Combat Bundle is for any man or woman interested in achieving any type of fitness goal possible such as burning fat, building lean muscle, gaining strength, increasing stamina etc. And there are also specific programs and guides in there for combat athletes who want to improve in any aspect, as well as programs for fitness trainers and coaches.

Combat Bundle Details:

Combat Bundle features 72 complete fitness systems contributed by some of the top fitness professionals. The goal of Combat Bundle is to connect with normal people, men and women who are looking to develop lean, muscle, burn body fat, gain real world strength and get into the best shape of their life by using the same workouts, routines and training methods fighters use to get into amazing shape. And it also has compilations for fighter athletes, fitness trainers and fitness coaches

The program is a one-stop shop for all your workout and fitness requirements as it contains the top exercises, diet tips and self- defense, among others help you burn fat improve strength, improve cardio and achieve your overall fitness goals. Combat Bundle is ideal for men and women looking for a comprehensive system to help them achieve their fitness goals and much more.

The bundle consist of programs that includes written materials, videos and audio downloads presented in a neat, easy-to-understand manner. By very best original content and custom sourced and licensed training material provides a good way of learning, and you get the benefit of this amazing program. This is everything a customer needs to get started going after their fitness goals

The authors of each guide in the Combat Bundle are credible and well respected experts. Their courses actually share strategies that their clients, students and followers have been using for success in getting their body in great shape. The 72 complete fitness systems include bodyweight, weight lifting, isometrics, hiit, finishers, kettle bells, resistance bands, mobility/flexibility, nutrition &

You’ll instantly get access to every eBook and video program as soon as you order the program from the official site. These are the COMPLETE programs that are being sold on each of the contributor’s websites. Some programs have never-been-seen before. They’ve been created exclusively for the fitness  and combat bundle.

Why You Need To Take Advantage Of This Offer Now

There has never been any offer in the market like Combat Bundle. A massive number of courses from a massive number of authors for the price of just one of most of the items sold separately is an amazing deal. Not only is this impressive, but any doubts you may have had about the courses are immediately squashed when you discover that the programs actually work to deliver results.

Basically, here are what you get from Combat Bundle:

  • 72 of the top fitness, martial arts, and nutrition resources are all under one roof!
  • 72 Sources To Get Chiseled Muscle, Get Real World Strength And Get Fit Like A Fighter 
  • It’s 72 courses and books on…. workouts, combat MMA style workouts, warrior style diets, and even top resources on self-defense.
  • 72 Sources To Get Chiseled Muscle, Get Real World Strength And Get Fit Like A Fighter

If you play sports, or do MMA, or are interested in self-defense, it’s a serious no-brainer for you. The price is even more of a no-brainer. I really can’t believe they are doing this. Even if you’re not interested in learning how to handle yourself, or have top conditioning like an MMA athlete, there are some great resources in there on target training. Especially the resources they have on Ab’s, Pull-Ups, and Arms.

Another good reason to get Combat Bundle is the guys behind putting this together are Funk Roberts and Todd Kuslikis. Both are leading experts in training MMA fighters, and training for functional sports strength. They have sterling reputations for training athletes, whether it’s for your Flag Football team. Or if you’re interested in knowing how to handle yourself if some drunk jerk is trying to punch you these guys really have you covered here.


Most people in the online fitness community describe Combat Bundle as an amazing bargain as well as a quality fitness system that features 72 complete fitness methods. It’s hence clear that the product is ultimately a must have for anyone looking to achieve some type of goal in fitness or improve as a combat fighter. It’s indeed very resourceful, and best of all the price is unbelievably low. It’s like it’s almost free considering the value that you get. Don’t forget that if you want to take advantage of this special, soon to end bargain you must act now before it’s too late.