Can Certain Foods Really Help You Burn Fat?

By | January 20, 2019

You’ll hear it said that some foods will help your body to burn your stored fat and help avoid more fat being stored. But is it true and if so, what foods are they and how do they work?

Firstly, yes it’s true, there really are foods that will help you to burn fat and help to ensure you don’t put the fat back on.

As an overview, there are 3 main ways that these special foods can help you burn your fat:

Certain foods have vitamins and minerals that raise metabolism and work as virtual fat burners

These foods will force your metabolism into a higher gear, helping you to burn more calories, even when you’re simply getting on with your day. They won’t burn 1000’s of calories at a time, but if you make this part of your routine, you could soon see a smile inducing difference on the scales.

Some have negative calories or very low calories that burn more calories during digestion

The principle of negative calories is that you’ll burn more calories eating, chewing and digesting these foods, than they actually contain. So you are eating but there are so few calories that there aren’t enough left to store as fat.

Some of these foods, even eaten in small quantities, make you feel full but only contain a few calories

Certain high fibre foods for instance, can have a filling effect, even when they contain relatively few calories.

This is free and easy weight loss because all you have to do is adapt your diet to include some of the foods on these fat burning foods and you’ll be helping your body to burn fat.

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