Calculating Body Fat Percentage When Building Muscle And Losing Fat

By | August 18, 2013

calculate body fat percentage

Calculating body fat percentage is an important part of getting a lean muscular body.

Calculating body fat percentage (the percentage of fat that your body contains) is a good way to properly determine your fat loss goals to get the right type of physique that you want and keep track of your progress.

Using a standard body weight scale would just tell you how much weight you’ve gained or lost, but it doesn’t tell you how much muscle or fat that weight contains.

Consistently measuring to find out your body fat percentage when you are aiming to improve body composition will allow you to have a better way of tracking how much fat against lean mass that your body possess.

As a result, you’ll be better able to modify your diet and workout plan accordingly to build lean muscle, and lose fat without losing muscle to get in great shape.

How Do You Calculate Body Fat Percentage?

There are a number of methods that you can use to measure or calculate your body fat percentage. However, I like simplifying things for people, especially beginners.

So instead of listing all the different ways to find your body fat percentage, I am going to explain the method that is held as the best method for people who are newly beginning to measure and track body fat due to it’s practicality, accuracy and affordability.

Calculate Body Fat Percentage With Skinfold Calipers

Using a “Skin Fold Caliper” is a good method to begin with to measure your body fat. Measuring body fat percentage with a caliper involves pulling a fold of skin and fat away from the underlying muscle and measuring the thickness of that skinfold.

The values that you get will then allow you to find your body fat percentage from a chart.

Calculate Body Fat Percentage By Looking At Your Body

Using calipers to measure body fat percentages are not without their problems. You may have to measure skinfolds from several sites around the body to get good estimates which may be a bit difficult. The skill of the person using the calipers would have a big impact on the results.

However, keep in mind that simply looking at yourself in the mirror or in a photo can help you estimate a good range of what your body fat percentage is.

You’ll need a body fat percentage chart with photos and compare your own body to them to get an estimate of where your body fat percentage is.

So by using a combination of skin fold calipers calculations, measuring scales and looking at your own body in the mirror would allow you to make good calculations of your body fat percentage.

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