Building Muscle And Losing Fat: Learn The Basics

By | July 12, 2013

Diet And Exercise
Building muscle and losing fat are two of the most sought after fitness goals for many men and women.

Most people know the high value of having a lean, toned and muscular body so they want to get that excess fat off and build lean muscle mass on their frame.

The Main Requirements For Building Muscle And Losing Fat

In this article I’m going to highlight the basics of what you need to build muscle and lose fat on your body.  I know that people’s initial body composition goal would vary, but no matter what your primary goal is it’s important to know the fundamental principles of both losing fat and building muscle.

Some people may presently see the need to build muscle to become more muscular, some persons may desperately want to burn the excess fat off their body and other people may be interested in accomplishing both goals: building muscle and losing fat to get their body at an improved level of leanness and muscularity.

Even if you are interested in accomplishing either muscle gain or fat loss only for your body at this point it’s important to have a good understanding of how both building muscle and losing fat is accomplished.

Fat To Muscle Body TransformationDespite being two different things and require different procedures to happen, fat loss and muscle building do relate to each other in many ways. So much so in fact that most people will need to address both components when going after a lean muscular body.

Diet And Exercise Plan 

While you may want to lose fat and gain muscle effectively to get the body that you want as quickly as possible, you do not want to do anything that would have ugly side effects and cause more harm than good to you in the long run.

I’ll advise avoiding any recommendations that does not claim that healthy modification of your diet and proper consistent exercise is the right way to build muscle and lose fat.

The Main Differences Between Two Goals

In order to build muscle you have to consume more calories than you burn, and focus on progressive resistance training. Whereas losing fat is accomplished by burning more calories than you are consuming, and a fat loss workout should be focused on performing fat-burning exercises.

But the two goals are not entirely exclusive from each other. If you build muscle, you must get rid of fat to see the muscle. And if you are losing fat you must maintain your muscle to get lean. So most programs have to be designed properly to address fat and muscle even though the primary goal may be to lose fat only or build muscle only.

There are much more variables involved in the processes of building muscle and losing fat, but this article serves to highlight the fundamentals to accomplish these 2 goals and to make the point that they require different procedures.

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