A Beginner’s Guide to Building A Lean Body And Adding Muscle

By | October 26, 2013

Male Lean Body With Six Pack And MuscleThe principles of building a lean body and adding muscle mass is simple to understand, but this goal cannot be achieved overnight. If you want a lean toned body with good muscle definition and spectacular six pack abs it is going to take some time, dedication, and perseverance to accomplish.

But although building a lean body is not the easiest goal to obtain, it doesn’t have to be harder than it really is. One of the main reasons many people fail to transform their body to get lean, cut and muscular is not using the correct approach for fat loss and muscle gains. Their approach may not meet the be optimal for success, or it may be so extreme and complicated that it becomes very difficult to accomplish their goals. Either way, they are prevented from getting the body transformation they aimed for.

Learning the tried, true and proven principles of losing fat and building muscle will allow you to improve your fitness, health and looks in an efficient manner.

In order to carve out a lean chiseled physique there are two main things that you have to focus on: 1) lose body fat without losing muscle and 2) Build muscle without gaining body fat.

Whether you should aim for no.1 or no.2 first depends on the initial shape you are in. If your body is storing lots of excess fat, then make your primary goal losing fat without losing muscle. If you are lean or skinny, then focus on adding muscle without fat. However, no matter what your primary goal is you should always focus on increasing/maintaining muscle and losing/minimizing fat to end up with an impressive lean muscular body.

Understand The Concept of Building A Lean Body

The concept of building a lean body is simple. Excess fat covers up your muscles and obscures the definition below. Therefore, to make your muscles become more visible for a solid, chiseled physique including six pack abs you have to get rid of the excess fat from your body.

The lower you drop your body fat, the more your muscles and the lines and cuts that separate them will show up. But you also have to increase the size of the muscle for a higher level of definition and a more muscular, stronger, fitter and healthier body.

Lean Strong Body Woman

Nutrition And Training – The Pillars Of Getting Lean And Building Muscle

The only way to lose fat and build muscle is with a nutrition and training plan. If your primary goal is to lose fat you have to reduce your calorie intake to lose weight, perform cardio training to burn fat and include weight training to maintain your muscle. When your primary goal is to build muscle you have to increase your calorie intake to create a surplus, minimize cardio training and perform weight training properly to make progressive overload happen.

Also, even when your primary goal is losing fat without losing muscle it’s possible to make some muscle gains if you are following the right program and certain conditions exist. You can also lose some fat on a program primarily focused on building muscle with the right program and the right conditions. However, the key to success in building a lean body is to have a primary focus (lose fat or gain muscle) and always use a program that produces optimal results so you will increase lean muscle and minimize fat.