How To Build An Athletic Body By Getting Lean, Not Just Losing Weight

By | November 10, 2013

To get an athletic body you have to lose fat the right way!

Female Athletic BodyIf your aim is to get lean and get into good athletic shape you should not just focus on dropping pounds on the scale. The real results for building an athletic body is not indicated by getting lighter in body weight.

To get lean and develop a body of great fitness and stunning looks you have to focus on losing fat while maintaining and building muscle, not just losing weight.

How To Build An Athletic Body

Weight loss and fat loss are not the same thing. Although you’ll lose weight by losing fat, weight loss produced from dieting can also be muscle loss when nothing is done to prevent this outcome. It’s crucial to avoid losing muscle because you’ll experience a number of health, fitness and aesthetic consequences when you burn off your body’s muscle tissue. Some of these are, your metabolism slows down, you get physically weaker and your body will not look athletically built.

Because of this, you should be focused on improving body composition when your aim is to reshape your body. You do this by getting rid of excess fat and possessing a good amount of muscle. Looking at the scale only to track your progress is a bad idea.

This will not provide you with the right data on how much muscle or fat you are losing. It’s better to look in the mirror to see if your body is looking the way you want it too. There are also a few methods that you can use to measure your body fat percentage which will give you an idea of how much fat you are losing without muscle.

Getting Lean While Maintaining And Building Muscle

Reducing body fat while maintaining muscle is the right approach to get a body that looks athletic. If you lose body fat and retain muscle this will create an athletic look for your body. On the other hand, losing a lot of your muscle will just make your body look smaller, but still soft. Even worse, if you are losing muscle and retaining most of the fat, you’ll definitely not like what you’ll see in the mirror. I’m sure that you don’t want to look “skinny and fat”.
Male Athletic Body

In order to achieve the desired body composition outcome: fat loss and maximizing muscle, your diet and workout program must be designed for it. On the diet side, you’ll need to have the right level of calorie deficit. A calorie deficit is a fundamental requirement for losing weight, but the degree of calorie reduction affects muscle loss. Protein intake is another important factor that needs to be given attention whenever muscle maintenance is part of your goal.

On the workout side, it’s critical to include strength training in your program. Strength training provides the stimulus that your body needs to hold on to muscle while you lose fat. You will also have to include the right type of cardio plan that will not burn your muscle out for fuel.

Building an athletic body is all about getting the right ratio of fat to muscle. But you must make sure to use body composition to measure your results instead of just weighing yourself, and you have to use the right diet and workout approach that will produce the desired outcome.