Adonis Golden Ratio Review – John Barban’s Program Looked At!

By | September 18, 2014

The Adonis Golden Ratio Review

The Adonis Golden Ratio program is one of the top rated, extremely popular fitness programs by trainer and fitness expert John Barban. I take an objective look at Adonis Golden Ratio in this review so that you will find out the benefits it can give to you.

The Adonis Golden Ratio guide is designed specifically for men and aimed at teaching them how to lose fat and build muscle. But the system is not a generic fat loss and muscle building program. This is a program that incorporates well-researched and cutting edge strategies to enhance the male body shape and structure for a perfect-looking body.

Essentially, it is created to be an optimal guide for men who want to burn body fat and put on lean muscle while at the same time transforming your body into a spectacular male shape that will look attractive, especially to the opposite sex.

Adonis Golden Ratio Review – What is it?

The concept behind Adonis Golden Ratio is that the ratio between a man’s shoulder and his waist greatly determines his physical attractiveness. The “Adonis Golden Ratio” means an ideal proportion of the measurement of a man’s shoulder circumference by his waist circumference.

adonis golden ratio waist to shoulder measurementIt has been studied that broad shoulders on a man makes him appear more appealing to the opposite sex and commanding to attention. And the only way to get the right broad shoulder appearance is to compare it to the size of the waist which should be smaller but at an ideal size. So in essence, the more a man’s body fits into the parameters laid out by the Adonis Golden Ratio, in terms of shoulder-to-waist measurement, the more attractive it will be.

The Workout And Diet Approach To Get The Adonis Golden Ratio

Of course, we know that when it comes to naturally improving your body shape, losing fat and building muscle are the only 2 things that you can do, which requires a diet and workout plan. But the approach of the Adonis Golden Ratio program towards fat loss and muscle building is to focus on the right workout program to give the shoulders the right amount of lean muscle, and focus on keeping the waist measurement proportionally smaller. This requires shredding fat away from the waist as well as avoiding too much muscle gain in this area. And all the rest of the body also have to be lean and muscular to create the right symmetry and physique appeal.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way, losing fat and building muscle is always a good thing even when you are not targeting a specific look like the Adonis Golden Ratio. But it makes sense to aim for the best results when you are working towards a physique improvement.

Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to use a program that is designed to build muscle in the right places and in the right amount to provide genetically best looking body? Instead of using a generic workout program that’s focus solely on losing fat and building muscle wherever and however it ends up on your body.

The program also incorporates very effective diet and exercise methods for getting rid of that hard to shed body fat, and adding pounds of lean muscle at the optimal rate. So nothing is left out of the program, and it can be used to target individual goals.

John Barban And His Adonis System

The Adonis Golden Ratio review has to report on the creator of the program, so that you can know a little about the person behind this product. The Adonis system author is John Barban who is a professional possessing a fitness degree from the University of Florida. He spent almost 10 years studying the human body, exercise and nutrition, and he also has worked for many large sport supplement companies researching and developing fat loss and muscle building systems.

John Barban Physique Before And After

John Barban Physique Before And After

John has a physique that epitomizes the Adonis Golden Ratio, so he is just one of many living proofs that his system works. John Barban, turned his own bad genetics around by transforming his own body and those of many people in different countries around the world who follow his methods.

Who is the Adonis Golden Ratio Program For?

This workout program is developed for any MALE that wishes to put on lean muscle, burn body fat and develop a good-looking physique. It doesn’t matter what your present body shape is. You could be fat, skinny, muscular, tall or short you’ll be able to use the system to address your situation and transform your body as you want it. It is also worth mentioning that the program is suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced, so prior training experience isn’t required.

The Workout Program Structure

Many people looking at an Adonis Golden Ratio review would want to know the structure of the workout routine. The Adonis Golden Ratio Training System PDF ebook guide has information and the routine on resistance training to allow you to achieve your goals.

adonis golden ratio pdf ebook

The Adonis Golden Ratio training program is outlined in the ebook. And the exercises are demonstrated in videos.

You will be able to start a routine for your individual goals depending whether you need to lose fat and build muscle, lose fat only, or build muscle only. The workout program includes the 12 Week Golden Ration workout routine, but this can be customized according to your situation and goals.

The training program includes more than 70 videos which show you the exercises you need to do in order to make sure you develop the body of an Adonis. Because you will learn about the ratio, you will automatically learn where you need to gain – or lose – inches and you can then pick the exercises that will work on this particular need.

Conclusion: Adonis Golden Ratio Review

So overall, Adonis Golden Ratio is awesome if you want a good looking male body. I have to confess that I am a fan of the Adonis Golden Ratio Workout Program as well as the other products by John Barban, for more than one reason. But for one, the results I saw were great.

This innovative program is simply one of the best muscle building program available online. I know that because I am constantly looking for quality products to review on this site.

John Barban along with the co-creator of the program kyle Leon have put in the extra effort to provide a system that is based only on proven techniques and tactics. It’s amazing that they able to share this exact blueprint to allow guys to hack their inbuilt DNA and achieve the ultimate physique that will have you standing out from the crowd and women approaching YOU on a daily basis.

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