65-Lb Weight Loss Transformation In 5 Months

By | August 31, 2018

65 Lb Weight Loss Transformation

Janielle Wright is a 28-year-old social media influencer who posts lifestyle and beauty updates on Youtube and Instagram. She has dropped 65 pounds in 5 months and showed off the progress she’s made on her weight loss journey on her Instagram page and youtube videos. Janielle, who is 5′ 8″, weighed 337 pounds at her heaviest after she became pregnant and put on the extra baby weight. And she was already overweight before becoming pregnant.

She said her 65 pounds in 5 months weight loss transformation was done naturally through a low carb diet, intermittent fasting, and treadmill-based exercise routine.

Motivation For Losing Weight

Janielle’s weight loss motivation was to get healthier for her 3-year-old daughter. At 337 lbs, Janielle was afraid she would die. Her body was in pain and she had trouble breathing at night. But she wanted to be better for her daughter.

“I was 337 pounds and feared that I wouldn’t live long enough for me to see her tie her shoes,” she says. “I wanted to be better for her and I wanted to live for her.”

Janielle said she started her weight loss journey by first making a New Year’s resolution to lose 100 pounds by the end of the year 2018. She said she had tried, and failed, to lose weight several times in the past and she knew she had to do something different this time.

Diet Plan

After doing her research on diets for losing weight, Janielle decided to go on a low-carb diet. While following this plan, she cut her carb intake and added vegetables, fruits, lean meats and egg whites to her diet. She also started drinking at least eight glasses of water a day.

She also included intermittent fasting as part of her diet plan that helped tremendously with her successful 5-month weight loss transformation. Intermittent fasting is a diet strategy where you cycle between periods of regular eating and then fasting or severely restricting caloric intake. While fasting for long periods is never a good idea for weight loss, some research shows that intermittent fasting can help people reach their target weight and reduce disease risk.

Janielle started with a 16-hour fasting period and 8-hour eating window, but she also does the 20/4 method, which involves a shorter, 4-hour eating period.

“When I break my fast it’s usually with two or three egg whites with two pieces of bacon and sausage, fruit, spinach salad, baked chicken,” she told Health.com.

5 Month Weight Loss Transformation

She says she limited her calories to between 1,800 and 2,000 calories a day. She tracked her calories on the MyFitnessPal app.

Janielle doesn’t drink alcohol, and she hasn’t taken any dietary supplements. She used minimal “cheat meals” that can be beneficial for weight loss. Fasting for long periods of time can become tedious. That’s why Janielle lets herself have three cheat meals a month. Whether it’s nachos, Chinese food or a Subway sandwich, cheat meals help her stay balanced, she says. But she warns not to overdo it. “Once I’m done with my cheat meal I move on,” she says.

Exercise Plan

In the past, Janielle didn’t exercise because she feared to go to the gym. So she bought a treadmill and started slowly, walking for 15 minutes every day. Soon, she was walking for 30 minutes a day. Then 45 minutes a day.

She follows up her workout with a 25-minute HIIT routine. Since beginning her weight loss journey, she’s worked out every day, Monday through Saturday, and takes Sunday off. She now consistently exercises for 70 minutes every day, six days per week.

Weight Loss After Photo

In the YouTube video, Janielle was asked how she finds time to eat healthily and squeeze in a workout nearly every day. “I make sure that I find the time because it’s something important to me and it’s something I want,” she said. “This is my lifestyle now.”


Janielle Wright’s 65 Lb weight loss transformation in 5 months was a great success because she had all the right things in place. She had a strong motivating factor which is important to help you take action and be consistent. Her diet plan consisted of two very effective strategies for losing weight: low carb meals and intermittent fasting.

Low carb diets are known to work very well for losing weight because by controlling carb intake you are training your body to burn your stored body fat for fuel. If you want a proven low carb diet that includes cheat days click here to learn about Metabolic Factor.

Janielle says intermittent fasting is effective because it taught her self-control. The strategy can also help metabolism during weight loss. Research suggests that weight loss is impacted by when we eat as much as by what we eat, which means intermittent fasting may help spur metabolism. There are several different methods of intermittent fasting, some of which are more restrictive than others. If you want a complete guide to intermittent fasting, click here to learn about the most popular intermittent fasting guide, Eat Stop Eat.

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