4 Weeks To A Nice Body

By | October 20, 2017

nice body

A lot of people promise themselves that they would take matters into their hands to get a nice body. You promise yourself you would work towards losing that extra bulge in the middle, those huge thunder thighs, flabby arms and what not.

You vowed to enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverage, sugary desserts, fried foods etc one last time before the date to start towards getting your nice body. From this day you would turn over a new leaf by kicking bad habits to the curb, enroll in a gym or find a home workout DVD and begin this journey of finding the smaller, healthier, happier you.

Months have passed and you’re yet to fully commit to this life-changing promise. You enrolled in a gym and even showed up twice, but argh! It’s much harder than you anticipated and for that reason, you haven’t been back.

I know the feeling. Chasing the fitness bandwagon, and trying to jump on it is not easy. A good way for you to get into a program to get a nice body is by slowly easing yourself into it. Give yourself 4 weeks to get back in the swing of things which is a method that has worked for many. This same approach can be used by somebody who is starting off their fitness journey.

Week 1: Workout consistently

cardio workout

Ensure that you workout at least once a day every day and stretch after every workout. Not everyone can or should workout 7 days a week so, please make this 3 or 4 times for a beginner.

Any type of physical activity that you do would burn calories, but what makes a difference between the amount of calories burn from any type of exercise is the intensity of the exercise. If you want to maximize the amount of calories that you burn in a workout session keep your fat burning exercise at a high intensity.

You’ll also want to include some form of strength training in your program along with your cardio. You can use any method of strength and cardio training combined or separated including weight and body weight circuits.

Week 2: Increase water intake

Whenever you slack on working out, water intake obviously goes down. Not perspiring equals not sipping on the H20. Water consumption lowers even further when you eat unhealthy food items such as cake, large amounts of trail mix, ice cream or frozen yogurt. In this 2nd week make sure to drink at least over a gallon (4liters) of water a day and keep up with workout consistency from week 1.

One tip I can give for increasing your daily water intake is to always have a bottle within reach where you can see it. Much like anything else that you can consume, you will be more likely to drink more water if it’s easily accessible.

Week 3: Clean up food part 1

clean food

You will want to know what good and bad food items are. Working out and not changing food habits is a waste of time. Take all the bad items out of your diet and only eat healthy foods whenever you need to eat. You can eat at restaurants but stick to the right food items. Combine this with increasing water intake and working out.

The type of foods you eat does not directly make you lose weight. You lose weight when you burn more calories than you consume. However, the reason it’s important to eat clean foods is most bad foods are high in calories.

If you want a diet plan with the specific foods to eat and guidelines to lose weight fast in 4 weeks I recommend checking out The 4 Week Diet.

Week 4: Clean up food part 2

No more eating out! time to cut back on foods with excessive salt, additives etc. At this point, you would want to buy groceries and dedicate yourself to eating clean, home-cooked meals. If you are able to, try eating 6 small meals a day and if you are hitting the gym as you ought to according to week one, these 6 meals will suffice.

Week 5: Add 2nd workout

Working out twice a day is normal for an avid fitness enthusiast and week 5 is a good time to bring this in. However, I am not recommending anyone to workout twice a day.

It takes 21 days to form a habit and at the end of week 4, week1/working out consistently should be something that you are accustomed to. I find that when I workout, I crave and want better quality foods hence why my 5-week process starts with regulating the workout consistency before changing the food.

Other things that to do to get focused or back on track:

1. Buy new workout clothes and shoes – when I look forward to putting on new cute clothes, I feel excited and motivated to hit the gym.
2. Look for new cooking recipes – Clean eating can seem boring. Creativity will take you a long way and keep you ‘faithful’ to the right foods.
3. Spend time with people that share the same goal – I do this by meeting up with other fitness friends and working out together.
4. Keeping my fitness goals in focus and constantly reminding myself why I do this, workout and eat clean.

You have all you need to get started unless of course you don’t want to do the work but want the results. Think about this again: How will losing this __ Ibs/kgs affect my life?, What is stopping me?

Repeat this plan consistently and 3 months from now you could be flaunting your nice body, but you must choose to do the right thing and execute.