Keep Your Money, Pay With 30 Squats: New Payment System In Moscow Russia To Ride The Subway

By | November 15, 2013

pay_with_30_squatsRussia is steadily preparing for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games which they will be hosting. They are building new venues and modernizing their telecommunications, electric power, and transportation systems to make sure that they create a good impression and make the Winter Olympic Games a success.

But one very odd thing that the Russian Olympic Committee is doing for the upcoming Winter Olympic Games is making people in Moscow pay to ride trains with…not money, but exercise – 30 bodyweight squats.

Instead of paying money to ride the Moscow subway, travelers will have the option to position themselves in front of a special vending machine to perform 30 reps of squats  with their bodyweight as payment to get their train tickets.

This initiative was taken by the Moscow city officials and the Russian Olympic Committee to help promote the Winter Olympic Games and physical fitness.

“We wanted to show that the Olympic Games is not just an international competition that people watch on TV, but that it is also about getting everyone involved in a sporting lifestyle,” said Alexander Zhukov, president of the Russian Olympic Committee.

This is a good move to encourage people to exercise more which would provide good benefits for their body and health. After all, we need more innovation to motivate people to eat healthy and exercise more.

See the system in action in the video below.