3 Reasons To Bulk Up With Lean Muscle And Minimize Fat Gain

By | August 31, 2014

bulk up with lean muscle

Are you curious about gaining muscle and therefore want to know how to bulk up? D you know that bulking up with lean muscle is the way to go?

Gaining muscle weight can be a solid way to improve your fitness level, boost your confidence and look great. But there are different approaches to gaining muscle. You can use an approach to get lots of fat with the muscle or you can use a different approach to gain lean muscle with minimal fat.

The approach of adding tons of extra calories into your diet is the traditional way of bulking up and may enable you to gain weight fast, but most of the weight would be fat. Despite being a practice often used by bodybuilders, bulking up is not a good idea.

The Reasons You Should Bulk Up With Lean Muscle And Minimal Fat

1. Less Time And Stress Dieting To get Lean: If you gain a lot of fat from your bulking phase the problem is that you will have to diet to lose the fat in what is called the “cutting phase”. But it’s very difficult to diet without losing the muscle that you worked hard to gain.

2. Avoid Risk Of Muscle Loss: Some people may not be fortunate enough to preserve the majority of their lean muscle tissue during their cutting phase. This single disadvantage outweigh any benefits of bulking up because your muscle tissue is so valuable.

3. Staying Lean Year Round: For fitness competitors it’s easier to maintain your shape for competition. If you are very lean in the off season, when it comes to diet about 85% of the battle is over. You will not have to diet as hard for a long period of time which can take a negative toll on your lean muscle mass. Even if you do not compete in bodybuilding and fitness competitions staying lean year round means you’ll be in shape and looking good.

The conventional bulking up may seem easier but it is very costly. Taking the approach to “stay lean” is more beneficial for both athletes and regular people.

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