The Calisthenics Training Program

Calisthenics Training

Weight training equipment like dumbbells and barbells are no doubt great tools for getting in shape, but calisthenics training offers a lot of benefits that are very useful. You don’t need any equipment except a bar for some exercises, and you can workout anywhere, from your local park to your bedroom.

But I think the biggest reason to incorporate calisthenics into your fitness program is you get to have a lot of fun performing the exercises. This calisthenics training routine will hit the major muscle groups in your body including abs, chest, legs, back, shoulder, biceps and triceps.

Does This Program Work?

Using bodyweight movements allow you to train multiple muscle groups at a time, which is great for developing strength and muscle. For example, it is easy to look at the simple pushup as working the exact same muscles as the bench press. And by employing the right pushup variations, you can achieve good progressive resistance with this exercise to continue adding to your strength level and muscle mass. One other key factor why

One other key factor why you can rely on this calisthenics training program for results is it was created by one of the most recognized names in calisthenics training – the Bar Brothers. This is one of the programs they have personally used to help build their amazingly ripped physiques. Also check out their premium 12 week calisthenics program.

Directions For This Training Program

According to the Bar Brothers, they train 3-5 days per week, 1-2 hours per workout session. You can split these routines throughout the week, either 1 or 2 routines a day, whatever works best for you.

You can also customize the program to your personal needs whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. You can pick out the exercises that help you the most or what you prefer to do. you can also adjust the reps and workout schedule to fit your fitness level and personal preferences.

The Exercise Demonstration Video & Workouts

Here is the training video that shows you how to perform each exercise in the program.

1. Six Pack Abs Workout

15 regular crunches
15 in and outs
15 full-length toe touches
10 each side full-length side toe touches
side to side holds (30 seconds)
Sitting hold with leg kicks (30 seconds)
Sitting hold (30 seconds)
Horizontal plane hold (30 seconds)
Then do as many crunches as you can to burn out the set.
Do 4-8 sets depending on your level

Extra you can add with bar:
15 knee raises
15 straight leg raises
15 straight leg pushes
15 extended leg raises to bar
15 second straight leg holds
Then do as many straight leg raises as you can to burn out the set.
Do 4-8 sets depending on your level

2. Bigger Chest Workout

15 pushups inner
15 pushups regular
15 pushups outer
15 spider walk pushups
15 hindu pushups
15 explosive clap pushups
7 seconds down 7 seconds up pushups
Then do as many pushups as you can to burn out the set.
Do 4-8 sets depending ou your level

3. Full Leg Workout

Stretch and run 1/2 mile to warm up
15 squats
15 one leg squats on each leg
21 calf raises (7 inner, 7 regular, 7 wide)
run stairs for 2 minutes
15 explosive squat jumps
1 minute wall sits, then as many squats as you can to burn out the set.
Do 4-8 sets depening on your level

4. Back/Shoulder/Biceps/Triceps Workout

15 wide pulups
15 bicep pullups
15 dips on top of bar
15 inner pullups
15 second hold on bar
15 dips
30 second handstand against wall for support
15 handstand pushups if you can
15 wide muscle ups if you can
Then do as many pullups as you can to burn out the set.
Do 4-8 sets depending on your level

5. Kuki Routine

1 pullup
1 muscle up
1 pullup
1 muscle up
1 pullup
1 muscle up
5 dips on bar
6 leg lifts
15 second 90 degree pullup hold
Do 4-8 sets depending on your level


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